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  • Virtual Reality Sport Physical Therapy Trends That Are Blowing Up In 2023

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Technology seems to be infused in everything, and physical therapy is no exception. Not only does this industry have more high-tech diagnosis equipment, but they also have treatments that integrate technology, such as Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and Low-Laser Therapy. In addition, physical therapy in Oklahoma City offers tele-rehab and virtual reality options.

Virtual Reality Trends in Sports Physical Therapy

Virtual reality therapy involves stimulating the brain through imagery while the athlete completes physical training exercises. Some exercises involve showing the patient a new environment and revealing them doing their exercises. Others involve stimulating the mind at rest by showing the patient completing the exercises or a new skill they need to learn. Some therapists use games to encourage muscle movement in patients with serious injuries.

Pain and mental health challenges can also be managed through virtual reality. These therapies encourage patients to consider what is possible. It helps them to dream that they can gain skills, recover the use of their injured body part and overcome any obstacle to experiencing a full recovery. Patients are challenged to believe they can do the impossible.

Virtual Reality Use in Athletics

Athletic departments at top universities are using virtual reality to rehabilitate athletes. These options are out-of-the-box solutions for complicated injuries. These options challenge athletes while keeping them engaged and motivated to complete their rehabilitation. In addition, their minds are kept busy as they are transported to different locations through the visual stimuli this therapy offers.

Helping Athletes Recover

Virtual reality allows therapy professionals to actively monitor their patients while they are completing their exercises. They can watch for mobility challenges and evaluate improvements or deficiencies that need to be addressed. This is made easier by the athlete’s focus on the VR scene.

Trainers and physical therapists can then increase the intensity and difficulty of the athletes’ exercises because their minds are not thinking about what they are doing. This therapy reduces injury recovery time and helps them meet their health goals. In addition, as you search for “physical therapy near me,” you should find those who also offer virtual reality therapies.

Helping Athletes Reach Peak

The same concept can be applied to athletes who seek to excel in their health and expand their capabilities. Their therapists and trainers can consistently increase the difficulty of their exercises, getting them in peak shape. Due to the emphasis on imagination and imagery, athletes’ see themselves achieving increased physical abilities. In addition, they are able to complete their exercises anywhere, so they can add practice sessions into their schedules at home, in the gym or in the physical therapy clinic.

Other Benefits of Virtual Reality

In addition, athletes can complete their virtual reality exercise sessions independently. They don’t have to be in the office. This process also saves time and athletes don’t face disability or injury risk. The focus on mental stimuli encourages physiological reactions as well. In addition, athletes can gain skills quicker because both physical activity and imagination are stimulated.

Athletes who are injured can gain extra benefits through virtual reality than they would by participating in sports physical therapy alone. Athletes who are striving toward peak performance should also consider the benefits of virtual reality.

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