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  • The Science Behind Choosing A Perfume

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Choosing the right perfume has always been a tedious task. It smells great in the store but when you come home, it is unable to please your senses. A perfume that smelled good on your friend does not make you feel the same way anymore. You cannot just walk into the store and choose any random brand just by looking at the packaging. Selection of the perfect perfume is nothing less than rocket science. There are several factors, which you have to keep in mind before investing in a perfume. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Your Pheromones!

Pheromones in humans are natural chemical scents, which vary from person to person. You might not realise it in day to life, but fragrance of body play an essential role. Newborn babies identify their parents among others through pheromones. Similarly, pheromones are the reason behind why presence of some make you feel comfortable, while others may irritate.

A perfume has to gel perfectly with your natural pheromones, otherwise it will not come out as you wish it to be. This is why a perfume that smells great on your friend does not work so on you. Try little testers before investing in bigger bottles. Perfumebooth Perfume Selfie is a brand that provides 7 international perfumes in one box at minimal price. You can buy and try these before investing in a bigger bottle.

The Season of The Year!

Just like your clothes, your perfume should also change every season. Spring season is the time when everything emerges from a long sleep and so should your perfume. Flowers of the season like Tuberose, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine are the top picks for perfume. If you are not a fan of strong floral perfumes, you can go with fresh herby notes such as fresh grass or galbanum.

choosing a good perfume

Choosing a Good Perfume

In the summer, fruity, aqua and minty notes work best. They are light, soothing and refreshing, perfect for the hot and humid weather. You can try on perfumes that contain these as base and main notes. Even orange blossoms and mandarin blossoms can also work great for summer season.

During autumn season, spicy fragrances with warm tangy notes are the ideal one. Spicy notes like black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, Sichuan pepper, earthy notes like patchouli, vetiver and sweet warm notes like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, will make you stand out in the season.

For the winter season, dry warm woody notes and smoky notes are preferred. These are strong enough to come out of your multiple layers and last long in the cold weather.

Know Your Notes!

Every person has a unique choice, which applies to perfume too. Before investing on any particular perfume brand, try to go through all the notes to find out which one suits your senses. If you are buying perfume online, pay attention to the notes mentioned in case you are not aware of the smell. The notes mentioned can give you a better idea about the fragrance of the perfume.

The top notes are volatile in nature and evaporate faster than the rest of the notes. they are quite sharp, forming the initial impression. The moment you spray a perfume, it is the first thing you will notice. Never buy a perfume on the basis of top notes.

The middle notes are designed to hide the unpleasantness of the strong base notes, releasing it slowly. As compared to top and base notes, these are quite mellow and last only for about one hour after application.

The base notes add a depth and definition to the perfume. It is rather strong and may seem unpleasant initially but mixed with the middle notes, it creates a magical aura. While buying the perfume, pay attention on the base notes and middle notes.

Perfume Type!

You might have heard about the terms EDP, EDT and EDCs. These are the terms used to define the concentration of fragrance present in any perfume. Parfum contains highest concentration ranging 15-40%, EDP or eau de parfum contains 10-15% fragrance concentration, EDT or eau de toilette contains 5-20% fragrance concentration and EDC or eau de cologne contains only 2-5% aromatic compounds.

While buying perfume, all these factors matter. Do a little research while buying the perfume and see how it makes your personality stand out among others.

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