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  • The Best Gift Ideas For Men in Their 30s

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  • Published Date: August 20, 2020
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Buying gifts for men can be difficult. If you do ask them about what they want, most of them reply with “Oh, you can get me anything you want“ or “You don’t need to buy me anything at all!“ Hey, we would have preferred something more specific!

What as to the challenge is that you have to take into account their age as well since gifts will only have value when they’re age-appropriate. For example, you can’t give a 30-year old man a board game. In the same way, you can’t give a 13-year old a very expensive watch. Hence, caution is needed.

In this article, we’ll focus on appropriate gifts that a man in their 30s will appreciate. Using our list below, you‘ll surely be able to zero on something for sure!

Classy Belts

Belts are quite an important part of a man’s wardrobe. And, since men in their 30s develop a more mature sense of style, they’ll surely appreciate a collection of classy belts.

Even though you can give a single belt, we’ll suggest compiling a set of five. You can take your pick from leather belts, or more designer pieces that have stud detailing. Try to stick to safer colors such as black and brown to make the gift more versatile. Make sure that the belts have sufficient holes too!

A Branded Pen

Getting a branded pen is one of the safest gifts that you can give to a man. Although it isn’t necessary for you to splurge, it would be better if you opted for ones that have a sophisticated look and aren’t made out of plastic.

Being in your 30s, men do appreciate a pen that takes refills and is lasting. Even if it isn’t a luxury item, quality things will always be valued. Also, try to go for reputed brands to add a touch of luxury.

Minimalist Wallet

Every man needs a wallet to carry credit cards or bills. In fact, if you were to randomly ask a man on the street whether or not they are carrying a wallet, you’ll mostly hear a yes. That’s how essential a wallet is!

Just like in the case of belts, stick to classic minimalist wallets that come in either black, brown, or tan. You can even get wallets for men that offer RFID and NFC blocking that enhances the level of security of important documents and credit/debit cards from potential hacking.

Running Shoes

Stepping into the later threshold of their lives, men get more health-conscious. Even if they might not be into heavy weight lifting, running is an activity enjoyed by everyone. Thus, running shoes or any athletic shoes could be a great gift as well.

However, you need to keep two things in mind. Firstly, make sure that you have the right foot size of the person. Secondly, select running shoes that have a warranty. Before you purchase a pair, ask the shop clock whether or not they would replace the shoes if the need arises. There are plenty of shops that offer warranties so you don’t have to worry about not finding one.

An Exquisite Timepiece

Watches are one of the best gifts that you can give a 30-year-old man. They look extremely stylish and can instantly add a touch of class to someone’s look.

There are also different types of watches that you can select from suiting formal occasions as well as informal. The safest bet is a steel bracelet watch that is preferred by most men. But, if you have seen your friend wearing watches that have a leather strap, stick to that.

Chef’s Knife

Drifting away from stereotypes, you can also gift a chef’s knife that has a high-quality blade and wooden handle to a man. Especially if the person in question loves to cook!

Make sure that the model you choose comes with a warranty so that if the blade breaks or chips, he can get it replaced. Again, always opt for knives that look sleek and high-quality. You see, utility with looks would make the gift even better!

Signature Perfume Bottle

We have to warn you that buying a signature scent is a risky business. Not many people will appreciate a perfume you select so only proceed with this if you have an idea of the type of fragrance that the person wears.

Nevertheless, if you think you are good to go, you can take your pick from bold or understated fragrances. You can also buy top-selling perfumes of brands to be on the safer side.

A Set of High-Quality Grilling Tools

Grilling tools can be an excellent gift for men who enjoy barbecue sessions. Go for tools that come in sophisticated-looking cases to increase its appeal. There are some companies that even offer the option of customizing the case design by engraving messages on it. Perfect for that personal touch!

A Medium-Sized Bag

Medium-sized bags could double up as a gym bag as well as to carry clothing and other essentials for a weekend getaway. Men may have several corporate meetings that may require on-site visits which will further add to the functionality of this gift.

Choose a very subtle pattern that comes printed on cotton, leather, or canvas. You can also add a tag that has the initials of the person for customization.

A Gift Card of his Favorite Store

If you still can’t decide on a gift that you think would be loved by a person, go for the safest option: a gift card!

However, to ensure that you pay attention and value him, put thought into deciding the best store from where he usually purchases his clothing or personal gear. When you do give him the gift card, write a handwritten note stating how you have always seen him wearing or carrying goods from the store and hence, you thought that he would appreciate getting the chance to go all out on his next shopping spree.

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