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  • An Expert’s Take on Finding the Best Perfume for Women

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A perfectly scented perfume note is a must have for the modern woman. It says a lot about how well maintained a woman is by how she balances perfume scents to go with her personality, the event and even the weather. There are several other options that go towards choosing the perfect perfume for women and this article is a sure fire step in helping beginners identify their unique scents.

Finding a good gift is difficult, especially for someone special to you. You don’t want to buy them a gift that they already have, or one that won’t serve the intended purpose. This is the tricky thing with getting a woman’s perfume as a gift, because you can easily tell that they didn’t like it simply because you won’t be able to smell it on them. However, the trick to getting the perfect women’s perfume as a gift is quite easy. You simply need to follow these steps and you will be sure your gift will not be left locked somewhere in a closet.

Choosing the Perfect Fragrance

There are several fragrances to choose from when selecting perfume for women. Some prefer floral fragrances such as jasmine, whereas others prefer fruity ones such as citrus. The best way to pick a fragrance that works for you is by first testing out difference choices so that you can sense how it reacts with your skin. Since most perfumes are oil based, they interact with your skin’s natural oils differently, and that’s why the same fragrance doesn’t always have the exact same scent on different women.

Why Jasmine Is A Preferred Perfume For Women

There is a reason why most women prefer jasmine as a fragrance choice. For starters, it comes in different tones and scents. You can opt for the woody scent, which is great for cold weather and indoor spaces. Pure jasmine evokes sensual memories and is ideal for romantic nights or a night out with your partner. It tends to linger on even after several hours and that’s why women are advised to apply it sparingly since it can be quite strong when applied heavily.

Are Unisex Perfumes Ideal?

Some women prefer male perfumes for their strong scents and this can blend well with the various other scents that come with other women’s products. Most jasmine based fragrances are unisex and this is why they are a go-to option as a secondary base perfume for a night out.

There are colognes for both sexes

There are fragrances available for both men and women. They have a low level of scent, with just around 5% aromatic compounds per unit. If you are a man, you can also go for an aftershave. While cologne is less potent than aftershave, it is designed to stay longer. Many of the most popular and best-selling fragrances are eau de colognes, which are so delicate that they need reapplication frequently.

Floral overtones

A flowery fragrance is perfect for an outing to the tourist attraction or a picnic in the park. These midday fragrances have a vivacious undertone and are playful and seductive. Dreamers are drawn to floral fragrances for their calming effects.

Choosing The Right Perfume Volume

Most perfumes are either 50ml or 100ml and for some women, one perfume is just not enough, especially when travelling. Therefore, if you intend on taking a long trip, you can choose two or three 50ml bottle of your perfect fragrances. Choose a fragrance for indoors and another for outdoors and make sure you pair them with a corresponding deodorant especially when going in hot or humid places.

Tips to Consider when Applying Perfumes

Women perfumes are designed to last longer even if you choose a subtle scent. Therefore, use perfumes for women sparingly and apply on lymph nodes on your wrists and neck. This helps to spread the perfume better as your pulses will make the perfume stronger unlike if you apply on other parts of your body. Since perfumes contain some alcohol, they may affect your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.

Test Your Preferred Perfume Before Buying It

Some perfume retailers offer testers to help you test out the scent before buying. The testers come in small 10ml bottles and some of the best women’s perfumes will indicate on the bottle, how long the scent is designed to last. Therefore, as you consider which perfume to buy next, try out a few testers to help you make the best choice.


Overall, getting perfume for women as a gift is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. Perfumes have a lasting effect on the style and personality and if your taste is good then you just might have given the recipient of the gift a lasting present that they will identify as their signature scent. Make sure you take your time searching for the best women’s perfume because a wrong selection will not look good for you.

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