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  • Fire Alarm Monitoring for Schools: Why is It Important?

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Advances in technology have allowed for the discovery of new and innovative technology that can improve security measures. Fire alarm monitoring serves as an integral part of one’s security system, and schools, in particular, must have a tried and true system in place.

Here, our focus will be on fire alarm monitoring and why it is important for schools.

Important Fire Safety Tips for School

It is important to schedule your maintenance and inspections to ensure that everything is in working order without making the appointments. All evacuation routes must also be memorized by staff in the event of a fire.

You should also be aware of the nearest fire alarm, as every second can be the difference between life and death during a fire. You also need to keep up with your landscaping to prevent obstacles that can get in the way or cause people to fall and hurt themselves.

Emergency protocols and fire drills must also be reviewed and tested ad nauseum to be prepared for any disaster that you may face in the future. Moreover, exits and hallways must be kept clear to reduce congestion and panic.

Smoke detectors should also never be tampered with. You should initiate a zero-tolerance policy for tomfoolery at your school to dissuade pranksters from sabotaging safety equipment.

In addition, any damaged or tampered fire equipment should be reported to the appropriate authorities or staff. Your school’s security will also need to be upgraded periodically to provide your students and staff with the latest protective measures.

Your staff and faculty should also be required to review the fire safety rules to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding academic safety protocols.

Benefits of Installing Fire Alarm Monitoring in Schools

A school’s fire alarm system is designed to alert students, staff, and faculty of a fire or some other form of imminent danger so that they can quickly evacuate the building. When the system detects high heat or smoke, it will activate automatically.

A pull lever system will also be included with your fire alarm monitoring system, allowing you to activate the system if needed manually.

Fire alarm systems in schools have many benefits. For example, they provide peace of mind to focus on teaching, and students can focus on learning. They also help with emergency preparedness in the form of fire drills and other forms of testing.

In addition, they help facilitate faster response times, reducing the risk of injury or death in the process. They will also provide cost savings. By getting everyone to safety, the risk of litigation against the school will be drastically lowered.

A fire caught early can also be put out before significant damage to the school and its various assets occurs. Fire alarm systems are also user-friendly, allowing anyone to learn about their mechanisms and benefits in minutes.

Perhaps most importantly, fire alarm systems are designed to enhance safety and security, protecting all those in the school from severe harm.

How to Choose the Best Fire Alarm System

Ionization fire detectors have an electrical current that runs through two metal plates constantly. When smoke enters the device, the alarm is set off, and the current is disrupted. Ionization fire detectors are very efficient at detecting fast-burning fires.

Photoelectric fire detectors utilize a light beam instead of electricity to function. When smoke enters the unit’s chamber, the light will scatter, causing the alarm to turn on. False alarms are very rare with photoelectric fire detectors, and they are more reliable at detecting smaller fires.

Heat detectors are designed to detect marked elevations in temperature. Flames will cause the air temperature to rise, and heat detectors will turn on as soon as they notice an increase in the room’s temperature.

However, heat detectors are susceptible to false alarms. They are not designed for buildings that are abnormally humid, dusty, or steamy.

They are not recommended for schools or other buildings that are frequently occupied. Instead, they should be installed in storage facilities and warehouses.

Photoelectric/Ionization detectors combine the benefits of photoelectric and ionization fire detectors. They are considered to be the best kind of fire alarm system due to their myriad benefits.

Combining two different fire detectors will provide faster response times and more ways to detect smoke, heat, and flames.

To choose the right system, you need to assess your school’s threats and risks. Additional safety measures may need to be taken, including adding heat sensors, smoke detectors, and sprinklers to vulnerable areas of the building.

The layout and size of your school will also need to be assessed to determine the type of fire alarm system you need. A standard fire alarm system may work well for a smaller school.

A larger school, however, will require a more advanced system that is fully customizable.

Your fire alarm system must be able to protect you against a plethora of different worst-case scenarios.

Students with disabilities will need to have their needs considered. In other words, your system must be able to quickly notify students with auditory, visual, or mobility disabilities in the event of a fire.

Ventilation systems and exit lighting can also be added to your school to help ensure that everyone can evacuate without incident.

In sum, choosing the best alarm monitoring service will be contingent on the unique needs of your school and its occupants.

Safety First

Installing fire alarms in and around your school will protect students, faculty, and staff from grievous harm. The building and its contents will also be protected from being significantly damaged.

To determine the type of system you need, you should speak to a fire alarm system professional. They will perform a thorough analysis of your school to pinpoint problem areas that require additional protection.

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