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It used to be that the first life-changing exam in a student’s life would be the SAT or ACT as they transition from high school to college. But for families that want their kids to have as much of an edge as possible, students might be cramming for standardized tests in elementary and middle school. The ISEE is a necessity for students trying to get into the most prestigious middle and high schools, and it can be easy for both students and parents to become overwhelmed by the scale of testing and the scope of the questions. But with the right tutor, these challenges can be overcome.

What is the ISEE Like?

The ISEE is used to evaluate applicants ranging from middle school to high school, so it’s only understandable that it can vary by age. The Lower ISEE is used for applicants to fifth and sixth grade, while the Middle ISEE is for applicants to sevenths and eighth grade, and the High ISEE is used for students trying to get into a private high school.

Despite being split up into three separate tests, the structure of the ISEE is functionally parallel regardless of the difficulty level of the test. Each test is broken up into separate modules for mathematics, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. All of these take the form of multiple-choice questions. Students will also be required to submit an essay. While the essay itself isn’t graded, it will be included with all applications and could have an impact on the admissions counselors at specific schools.

Who Needs to Take the ISEE?

If you’re applying to a private school in the K-12 range, chances are that you’ll be asked to take either the ISEE or the SSAT. In most instances, you’ll be allowed to choose which score you want to submit, so you can take both or choose the one that better matches your testing and studying style. The differences between both tests are distinct, but the fundamentals behind them are pretty similar. While students will need to play to the unique eccentricities of the ISEE, much of the material and training they do for the SSAT will translate over well.

In short, if the private school you’re applying to allows multiple tests, take all of them. The more practice you have – and the more opportunities you have to actually do a test in person – the better you’re likely to perform on the test.

Who Should Get a Tutor?

The ISEE can have a very dramatic impact on a student’s future trajectory, so it’s important to take the ISEE seriously. At the same time, finding a balance between study and life is important too, so that kids can live well-rounded and healthy lives. A good tutor can help thread the needle between both. They can employ their insider knowledge of the exams to teach good strategies and help develop healthy study habits early on. That’s especially important for kids who might be preparing for these exams when they’re still in middle school.

Another reason that you should seek out a tutor is that you can only take the ISEE a limited number of times. Each student can take the test once per testing season, and there are three seasons spread throughout the year. If you’re serious about getting your kid into a serious school, starting early and working with a tutor can be important. And if you’re looking for the best ISEE test prep in LA, be sure to check out LA Tutors 123. They offer a personalized approach to tutoring that can help students really come into their own.

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