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It happens that you get a little too drunk with friends on the weekend or smoke a little to clear your head. However, this shouldn’t lead to failure in your drug test at your workplace. So, educate yourself about all the different types of drug tests so that you can prepare well for the drug tests also.

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What Are The Different Types Of Drug Tests?

There are a few types of tests to check the presence of drugs or alcohol in the body. The most common tests are –

  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Saliva Test
  • Hair Follicle Test

Read on to know details about each of these tests.

Urine Test

The most common and effective way to detect drug presence in the body is urinalysis. It can detect a good many drugs and also their by-products, even if the effects of the drug itself are gone. This is what makes it a popular choice for the companies for the drug test.

A urine drug test can expose the presence of cocaine, heroin, nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, opiates, oxycodone, amphetamine, methamphetamine in the body.

Blood Test

The blood test is another very common drug test that can detect alcohol and drug presence in your body. However, it cannot detect the by-products and residues of the drugs long after the actual drug effects have gone away.

Blood drug tests can find drugs like marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, opiates, amphetamine, phencyclidine, barbiturates, and methamphetamines.

Hair Follicle Test

Residues and by-products of the can are detected in the hair follicles for a long time. This drug test is the only test that can expose a drug used as long as 90 days ago. However, it cannot show immediate effects due to drug usage. This test only requires a little hair close to the scalp to show the result.

Hair follicle tests can reveal the drugs like cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine and phencyclidine.

However, a hair drug test cannot reveal the presence of alcohol in the body.

Saliva Drug test

It is a test that’s very easy to conduct anywhere, anytime. However, it cannot detect a drug that was consumed a long time ago. Saliva tests can only reveal traces of the most recently used drug- the drug consumed as early as three days ago.

The drugs it can detect are alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and amphetamine.

When Are These Tests Conducted?

Employers conduct drug tests usually as a part of the employment process. After you pass the interview, you have to pass the drug test as well. Your employer may conduct a surprise drug test as well.

These drug tests are usually conducted through professionals or medical labs.

How to Pass This Test?

Abstain from drug use for at least 90 days before the drug test. This would ensure you surely pass the test.

Another way to pass the test is to detox your body. Eat vitamins, minerals, food, and beverages that detoxify the body. Or else, you can use synthetic urine or powdered urine to pass your urinalysis.

Final Thought

Now that you know all about the drug tests -go ace it!

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