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Having to pass a drug test for crucial matters can be scary when you know you will fail the test. It could be a job you’ve been praying to get, and you suddenly find yourself a drug test away from it. You could already be in a great job you really love and suddenly, you are faced with the possibility of losing that employment all because of a drug test you are almost certain to fail.

You could rant and rake all you want. You can say how so qualified you are for the job and how that it is within your rights to take the substances you took. Sadly, you do not have the law on your side and your employers or prospective employers have their reasons for wanting to carry out these tests.

So, given all the above, what can you really do?

Resources for Passing Drug Tests

You can heave a sigh of relief because you need not rave and rant at your employer. You can go for the test and come out with flying colors. This is regardless of whatever you have in your system at the time of the test. All you need to know is how to beat any drug test that is given to you.

To give a proper background to this, let us look at some common types of drug tests we have and then we can look at how to beat each of them.

Types of Drug Tests

types of drug tests

Types of Drug Tests

We will briefly look at four common types of tests you are likely to come across. These include a urine test, saliva test, a blood test and hair follicle test. You can learn more about different types of drug tests here.

Urine Drug Test

This is a very common method used for testing for drug usage. You will usually come across this test if a prospective employer wants to carry out a drug test on prospective employees. This test also called a urinalysis can show substance residues even after the effect of the substance has worn off from the system. It is possible to find a residue of drugs used 30 days before the test.

How long this residue will remain in the urine will depend on the type of substance ingested. Generally speaking, they can test the following drugs with this method: amphetamines, methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone, heroin, alcohol and even nicotine.

Saliva (Mouth Swab) Drug Test

This is another common type of test. It is common because it is very easy to carry out and so can be done anywhere. They usually use it when a recent drug use wants to be ascertained. This is because they can only use it to tell of a usage that took place no more than three days before the test. You can use this method to test for cocaine, alcohol, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and marijuana.

Blood Drug Test

This test is the most invasive of all. It is used when it is important to determine the extent of usage at the time. It will show how much of a substance an individual has in his/her system at the time of the test.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Now, this is the test they will require you to do if a long-term drug usage needs to be established. This test can show drug usage that goes as far back as 90 days before the date of the test. With this test, you can check for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, phencyclidine, and marijuana.

Solutions from Clear Drug Tests

So how can you beat these tests? I guess that is the crux of the matter. Let’s look at some options offered by Clear Drug Tests.

Urine Test

To beat a urine test, there are two different methods you can adopt depending on your unique situation. You can detox if you are an occasional user. It may be possible for you to cleanse your system before the test. This may however not be possible, which brings us to the second and more reliable solution.

The surest way of beating a urine drug test especially if you are a heavy user is with synthetic urine. You are going for the test but presents a urine sample that is not yours. This is not another person’s urine sample, but a synthetic creation made to totally mimic the human urine. Of course, you cannot fail any test with this synthetic urine especially if you get the top-quality type. To be sure you get the right type, use

Saliva Test

There are also two ways to go about this. You can either use a detox mouthwash or a detox chewing gum. We will recommend the detox chewing gum because the reviews are crazy. One dude took weed on the morning of his drug test and walked into the office for his test. All he did was to pop the chewing gum into his mouth and after just 30 seconds of chewing it, his saliva was clear of every trace of weed.

The solution takes effect in just 30 seconds and stays active for up to 30. You are, however, advised that it is at its optimum at about 10 minutes after you have started chewing it.

Blood Test

While this test is a lot more difficult to beat, you can with the detox program. This product will flush the toxins from your bloodstream so no trace of it will be visible during the test.

Hair Follicle Test

Though this is supposed to be the test that can show a drug use from up to 3 months before the test, passing it is easy with the detox shampoo. Simply, follow the instructions they will give you and wash your hair several times (as directed) with the shampoo. Once you have done this and you walk in for the test, the only outcome you can expect is a sure pass.

The solutions above are resources you can use to beat any of these tests. You can take control of your life again.

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