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  • 5 Things to Know About DUI Case In Phoenix

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There are DUI laws for every state in America. The DUI laws prohibit the drivers behind the wheels of cars from driving after getting drunk. Similarly, in a state like Arizona, there are also certain DUI laws for the citizens. In Phoenix city, specific DUI laws apply, and if you get into trouble of this sort, you will need a professional Phoenix DUI lawyer to protect you. Following are few essential points you must know about the DUI case in Phoenix.

You Would Provide Identification

Proving your identity will be the first step you will go through when the officer stops you. Next, he will enquire about your registration and driving license. Make sure that you do not fumble around them and lookout. This will give the impression to the officers that you are drunk, and that will be written in the report.

You Might Give Field Tests

After checking the license and registration, the officer will ask you to give field tests at the point. You will be asked to walk straight, say ABC backward, count your fingers and touch the nose tip with your finger. These tests can be manipulated against you, and these field tests are not bound by any law that requires these procedures. Few officials might threaten you about sending you to prison, but remember that they will take you there anyway, so refuse politely.

Officer will Try to Search Your Vehicle

Most probably, the officer will ask you to open the back of your car so that he can search. The officers require a search warrant to proceed with the vehicle search. But if you agree and allow them to search your car, they will do it without a warrant. Therefore, politely explain that without a warrant, you cannot allow them to search.

Further Questioning

Once the officers stop you, they will suspect you of a DUI. They will first ask you about the last drink you had and then move to the next questions. Try to memorize and always tell them that you will answer their questions after consulting your attorney. You do not have to call your DUI attorney at that moment necessarily. This is your constitutional right, and you will not be asked further questions after that.

You, Will, Have to Give a Urine, Blood and Breath Test

When you receive your driver’s license, you are bound to give a urine, blood, and breath test if you are ever stopped for a DUI. Unfortunately, most drivers do not know about it until they are stopped for a DUI. Implied Consent Law infers that if the driver refuses to give the test, they can lose the license for up to a year. Even though he is not found guilty of DUI, the license will still get suspended for not complying with the law. If the test results declare that the reading exceeds 0.8%, the driver’s license will be suspended for three months, but the case can be dismissed later.

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