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  • 4 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your WIFI Broadband Plan

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  • Published Date: September 22, 2021
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The Internet is a valuable tool for all people especially in this time of the global pandemic. Before you buy, of course, you must have carefully chosen that wifi broadband plan which you thought fitted your needs and budget at that time.

But what if today you’re starting to get into trouble with your connection in spite of the efforts you’ve done shopping around for the right one? Will you immediately drop your existing plan or will you change your Internet Service Provider altogether?

At this moment it would be better if you read the signs first that you need to upgrade your plan rather than take drastic action. Might as well shop around again for different wifi broadband plans and don’t forget to consult the experts.

Below is a compilation of the different signs that your wifi broadband plan needs updating.

Wifi connection keeps dropping

Dropped connections could happen anytime be it on a computer, tablet or smartphone. This usually happens when there are too many people using wifi in crowded places such as during concerts, in the sports grounds, and so on because the wifi becomes overloaded.

But when you’re just inside the house, and the connection suddenly drops in certain areas like your home office or your favourite back porch, then you need to find out what causes it. There might be hotspots or interference with other wifi devices for instance – home security, lighting or smart thermostats in the proximity that are not installed correctly. This improper installation can generate a hold-up for your wifi connection.

Your wifi signal is designed to cater to a number of users in your household and its strength would depend on how big your house is or how intricate the home layout is. If you lose connectivity, you can simply connect again but the real problem comes when the dropping becomes persistent because it is so exasperating. In such a case, you should perhaps consider an upgrade.

Disconnection happens repeatedly

After you DIY-fix your home Internet system and still the disconnections happen frequently, the underlying cause might be a broken router or wires or possibly any issue related to the software. Of course, this can give your provider a bad image and a headache on your part. The most that you can do is upgrade your plan after the company giving you the service fails to do its part.

Internet connection is extremely sluggish

You could no longer tolerate the lagging and the slow speed even if you’re already getting a full wifi signal. Check if your home network isn’t overcrowded with devices because if your home Internet was properly installed in the first place, then there should be no reason why your connection would suffer.

Experts say that wifi connected devices for instance laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones should not be the reason for experiencing slow loading times. Websites should respond straight away on each device you have if your wifi broadband was the right plan.

Extra Subscriptions

Additional subscriptions like streaming and gaming services can bug the setup down. If you really love such inclusions that need simultaneous access to the Internet, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to other better wifi broadband plans.

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