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In this world when most of our activities are over the internet, when most of our devices are over the internet, when our entertainment is over the internet when our work is over the internet so obviously, we can’t imagine a second without the Internet. Now since we so badly need the internet at every moment, we need to look out for some tools that make our use of the internet more secure, reliable, uninterrupted, and more anonymous.

A VPN is one such tool that makes internet usage more secure and anonymous so that we can surf any website without the fear of being tracked and stopped.

So, if you are not that much familiar with VPN then this article will help you to answer most of the questions like What does VPN do, How VPN works, What are the uses of VPN, and many more.

What does VPN do?

As its name specifies VPN is a virtual private network that establishes a secure and encrypted connection between your device and the Internet so that all your online activities remain anonymous and all the sensitive information flows from one end to the other securely.

How does VPN Work?

Now since you have an idea of what VPN does let’s discuss how VPN works. A VPN simply works by routing a user’s device internet connection through his chosen VPN private server instead of the usual way of going through your internet service. This simply means that when any data is transmitted from your device to the Internet using a VPN then it comes from the VPN instead of your computer.

In a nutshell, a VPN creates a private tunnel from a user’s device to the internet and conceals all his vital information through something that we call encryption.

Some of the best recommended VPNs:

Top 5 uses of VPN

After discussing what VPN does and how it works let’s now discuss the top 5 uses of a VPN.

Avoid ISP Tracking

These days it has become quite common that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to track the online activities of their users. And after tracking and gathering the data of your online activities like surfing history, your geographical location, your app usage, it sells it to third parties to show your target-based ads on your browser. However, if you are using VPN then you can safeguard your online activities.

Streaming Blocked or Geographic Restricted Content

hotstar content unavailable screen

Hotstar Content Unavailable Screen

You wish to stream your favourite shows on your favorite streaming platform, however since you have moved to a different region where the content is unavailable due to geographic restrictions, then you are likely to miss your favourite shows. However, if you are using VPN then you need not to worry about it as it will help you to bypass all these geographical restrictions that are stopping you from accessing your favourite streaming platform and you can access all your shows no matter where you are.

Online shopping from Anywhere

You are currently not in your country, but you want to purchase something from an online retailer in your country. However, to your surprise when you visit its website you find it is a country-specific website, and therefore does not allow you to access it from a different country. But you need not to worry as using a VPN you can select the location of your home country and purchase the product without any problem.

Accessing your Home Network

There can be instances when you wish to access your personal or home computer while you are not physically available at your home. You might also wish to access the external storage or network drive attached to your home network. However; while accessing your files from a remote location that are on your home computer or device attached to it you should also want to access them safely and securely.

Therefore, while setting up remote access to your home PC you should make a connection using a VPN to keep the access secure and private.

Safely use Public Wi-Fi

Many public places like Airports, railway stations, shopping malls, hotels, offer free WiFi for their users. And while we are in the range of these Public WiFi and running out of data we do not hesitate to connect with these Public WiFi hotspots. Now if you wish to just sirf across the web or listen to music or watch videos then there is no harm in using these Public WiFi hotspots. However, if you wish to do any online transaction or send any other sensitive data then we would like to bring to your notice that it is quite easy for hackers to intercept the traffic going through this public WiFi and steal the data that is transmitted through the network. Therefore, it is strictly recommended not to use these public WiFi hotspots to do any online transactions.

However, if you are using a VPN then your traffic will be encrypted and in case it is encrypted then also the data will remain secure as it is scrambled.


So, folks this is all from our side. We hope that after knowing the uses of VPN you will now make no more excuses to avoid VPN and instantly start using one to keep your online activities safe and secure.

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