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  • How Is Organizational Communication Changing With VoIP?

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Digitization has brought about a significant change in every field of life. In the age of Artificial Intelligence workplaces have become more device-oriented rather than relying on human labor. Industries have quite comfortably adapted to these changes as it curtails functional costs as well as remove the chances of human errors.

This change has successfully fit into the telephony industry as well. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) has been replaced by VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol removes the copper wired transmission lines and transfers data with the help of any internet connection. Many industries have henceforth switched to VoIP for better convenience. However, there has been a lot of change that has come across the functioning of industries using hosted PBX connections.

What is VoIP?

To understand the changes and new adaptations of the companies it is important to first understand what VoIP is and how it works. When you establish a VoIP connection you can make and receive calls on any device. Your desktop, IP phones, mobile phones and even normal telephone can serve as a communication device. When you use a traditional telephone set, you need to connect it with a special adapter, and it would become a VoIP telephone.

How is VoIP different from Traditional Phones?

When we talk about the changes in the telephony market it is important to consider the functional differences. The end result of using a VoIP is exactly the same as a traditional telephone. Both help you communicate by receiving and making calls. If that’s the case, why are industries switching to VoIP? To answer this question, we need to understand the working of the VoIP system.

The working of a VoIP is similar to that of emailing. It breaks your voice into digital signals when you speak over a VoIP phone. These digital signals are known as data. A VoIP connection transmits these data via internet access. When this data reaches the other side, it is “repackaged”. The one at the receiving end gets the voice as it is due to the repackaging. This is how it is similar to that of a traditional call. However, it is a digitized process rather than routing from different switches.

What are the Ways in which a Business can switch to VoIP?

VoIP is a new and advanced technology in the field of telephony. Telephony has always been an integral part of several organizations. As a result, most organizations already have an established telephony network and system. For old companies, they have to switch to the advanced transformation and for new ones they can establish a VoIP connection anew.

– On-site VoIP

On-site VoIP is a good option when you want to switch one step at a time. If you are apprehensive about the new changes you can keep your traditional telephony system and take up a VoIP connection. With on-site VoIP you can install the VoIP software on your business systems and control it in-house. However, with on-site VoIP your hardware still remains and thus you cannot curtail the management and servicing costs. Therefore, you just use the software but not the whole system while deploying on-site VoIP.

– Cloud Hosted VoIP

With cloud hosted VoIP you can establish your connection over cloud connectivity. This means you can use this even outside your office building. It is more economical to switch to VoIP using cloud services. In this way, you get the maximum benefit of a VoIP connection. It also allows you to cut a lot of your operational costs as this does not require any added installation procedure. With cloud hosted PBX you get high scalability and mobility. Adding new phone lines and working from remote locations becomes an easy task if you go for this switch.

– Hybrid VoIP

Hybrid VoIP gives you the option to continue using your existing hardware. It is one of the best options when you do not want to replace your telephones but are ready to use cloud hosted services provided by VoIP. This process is more economical in the sense that you can reutilize your old hardware and don’t need to replace them with new ones. The change is simply in just your software.

Myths and Realities around a VoIP switch

Any change in the field of technicalities involves a lot of apprehensions and reservations. A modern technology has to face a lot of criticism when put to use for the first time. Since VoIP is a developing field and with few service providers there is a lot of edginess regarding this.

Many traditional organizations often prefer to work with minimal use of the internet. However, to use VoIP you first need to use the internet first. Many think VoIP can be costly because of this need. The reality, however, is that a VoIP connection utilizes minimal net consumption and you can work pretty well within budget.

The apprehensions regarding voice quality cannot be ignored completely though. Since VoIP connections depend totally on your internet connection, with lower bandwidth users often face issues. This problem can be solved in several ways and especially getting aid from your internet service provider. There has been a lot of development in the broadband providing services and they easily solve the bandwidth issues whenever faced.

Future with VoIP

VoIP has a long journey ahead. With the continuous upgrades in internet and broadband connectivity VoIP is developing constantly. VoIP providing companies are introducing new add-on features helping companies to digitize totally. These help them to manage and serve better. It saves more time and curtails the cost at the same time.

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