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  • The Risks and Benefits of a Hairline Lowering Procedures

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Hairline lowering procedure is not meant to reduce your forehead. Instead, it just shifts the location where your hair grows. This surgery can help to balance the parts of your face. Hairline lowering is not the same as the brow lift procedure.

This procedure is done under general anesthesia. The surgeon can also use local anesthesia in the forehead. It is used to reduce pain and bleeding during the surgery. The big forehead can be caused by;

  • genetics
  • hair loss
  • cosmetic procedures.

Women are the ones that undergo this procedure more often. They are the ones with high hairlines and big foreheads. Men who have thick hairlines and have not lost hair before can also undergo this procedure. If you have flexible forehead skin, you can still be a good candidate for this procedure.

Types of Hairline Lowering Procedures

Forehead reduction can be made by either surgical hairline advancement or by hair grafting.

Surgical Hairline Advancement

surgical hairline advancement

Surgical Hairline Advancement

This procedure includes surgery. A skin that is 2 to 3 cm is removed from your forehead. After the excess skin has been removed, the part that remains will be mend. After the surgery, your forehead will be lowered. The procedure can cause temporary scarring. This scar can be hidden by hair grafting. To avoid scarring, a scalp that is recyclable is put on the back of your skin. This scalp joins the skin with the muscle underneath.

Hair Grafting

hair grafting process

Hair Grafting Process

Hair grafting is another process for lowering the hairline. This procedure is done by topping up the layers of your hair over the existing hairline. This procedure does not involve surgery. The costs for these procedures are different. If you are thinking of undergoing a hairline lowering procedure, you should always weigh which one is best for you.

Hair grafting is much better compared to surgery because it is less invasive. This procedure does not involve scarring as well. After the process, the transplanted hair will start falling. It will then regrow in three months. The outcome will be ten months or longer.

There are also other non-surgical procedures for high hairline women. Many women use wigs or style hair in a manner that hides their high hairline. Women should look for more permanent solutions for their forehead lowering. This surgery will give them back their self-confidence.

Benefits of Hairline Lowering

Here are some benefits of hairline lowering;

Improving Appearance

After the hairline lowering procedure, your large forehead will be reduced. Your good looks will be restored.

The results will be quick

This hairline lowering procedure is fast, and the patient takes a short time to recover. The results of this procedure are also long-lasting. You can also combine this procedure with a brow lift. It will smoothen your facial wrinkles. Doing this will give you the best look you can find.

The scar is hidden

After this procedure, there will be a scar. This scar is invisible because the hair will grow in front of the blemishes. The scar can only be seen if the hair is wet.

It is an outpatient procedure

The recovery period for hairline lowering is very short. You do not need to be in the hospital for this surgery. Some people only return to work after two days of surgery. But your surgeon may advise you to take at least a week for you to heal well.

The cost

The cost for this procedure depends on how many stages the process is done. If it is a one-stage procedure, you will pay around $7000. The price will increase if the process is done in two stages. The cost is beneficial because you will not have other aftercare costs.

Risks of Hairline Lowering Procedure

  • After the procedure, you can get some infections. These complications can be treated. And you will recover without any problems.
  • If you have thin hair density, the surgery will not be fit for you.

Bruising and Swelling

These risks are common because the scalp is brought forward. This Swelling can sometimes reach the eyes. That is, if the procedure was combined with brow lifting. You will be able to heal after a few days.

Decreased Mobility

After the procedure, your forehead will not move freely. This procedure is like Botox. If you do it with other methods like brow lift, the movement will reduce further. The mobility problem can be temporary to other patients and permanent to others.

More Procedures will be needed in men

If a man decides to undergo hair transplant surgery, he should understand there is balding in men. He will have to undergo more hair transplant procedures to maintain the results. The process will be more expensive for them.


After the procedure, the scar will be visible. It will take up to 9 months for it to heal completely. But if you undertook a hair grafting procedure, you will not have any visible scars. If you are prone to wounds, you should not go for hair lowering surgery. Always consider other non-surgical procedures.


You will also feel some discomfort around the surgery area. This pain will not last long, and painkillers will relieve it.

Prolonged healing

Sometimes, the recovery may take longer than you expected it. To avoid this delayed healing, you should take a balanced diet. Also, massage the surgery area slightly.


High hairline women should consider these procedures. The hairline surgery and hair grafting are permanents, and their results are natural. Instead of using wigs and styling your hair to cover the forehead, you should go for a permanent procedure. Before you undergo a hairline lowering process, you should always consult with experienced surgeons.

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