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  • How Mobile Patrol Security Patrols Protect People & Property

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If you are worried about criminal activity in your area, hiring a mobile patrol security company is one of the best ways to put your mind at ease. Whether trying to protect your business or home, mobile patrol security is one of the most effective ways to ensure that any suspicious activity on or near your property is detected early and responded to appropriately.

In addition to alarm monitoring, mobile patrol security involves trained security guards regularly watching your property and the surrounding area in marked security vehicles regularly, 24/7. Several other security checks are also part of this type of service, including frequent updates on the current state of your property’s security and suggestions related to points of vulnerability that it may suffer from.

Mobile patrol security services may include a scheduled time for guards to open up or lock down your property. Mobile patrol security officers will keep an eye on security threats and actively deter crimes on your premises by personally preventing crimes and notifying the authorities.

The 4 P’s of Mobile Patrolling

When mobile patrol security officers are tasked with protecting your property, they prioritize keeping it safe and secure at all costs. To effectively secure the premises, they keep the importance of the 4 P’s of mobile patrolling in mind at all times: protecting life, protecting properties, preventing damage, loss, and destruction, and prevention of crime.

Protection of life involves safeguarding the inhabitants of your property (or those working on it) from any kind of danger that could put their safety at risk. That includes protection from dangerous situations, assaults, and other emergencies.

Security of property and premises is related to a focus on keeping your house or business safe from theft, fire, and criminal damage or defacement.

Prevention of loss, damage, and destruction can pertain to various forms of loss, including loss by theft, breach of confidentiality, and abuse of client property.

Crime prevention involves deterring theft, breach of peace, criminal damage, and public order offences. Mobile patrol security officers uphold these 4 Ps through various security monitoring methods and enforcement of other measures whenever necessary.

Advantages of Mobile Patrolling Services in Burnaby

You can benefit from mobile patrol Security in Burnaby in numerous ways. If you use such services to protect your home, you and your family can sleep better at night, knowing your house is safe. If you employ these services to protect your business, your employees will be given a similar sense of safety, knowing they are working in a secure environment.

All in all, mobile patrol security and peace of mind go hand in hand. Mobile patrol security officers provide active protection against security threats. Unlike security guards in one fixed location, mobile patrol security guards are always on the move, seeking out suspicious activity. These guards provide multiple security-related services, such as physical checks through an entire building, including doors and windows.

Mobile patrol security officers are trained to look for security vulnerabilities. If they spot any on your premises, they will promptly inform you so proper corrective measures can be taken. If an alarm at your property is triggered, mobile patrol security officers will get there immediately to investigate the matter, contact the authorities, and potentially apprehend an intruder. If you have a live CCTV feed set up, they can also monitor your property using this technology and alert you if there are any causes for concern.

Mobile patrol security services tend to be more cost-effective than hiring full-time security. Yet, they manage to provide security that is just as effective or even more in some cases. Many companies in Burnaby have optimized their security and protection by hiring mobile patrol security services.

Mobile Patrol Security Officer Duties

Mobile patrol security officers are usually open to taking direct instructions from you that pertain to specific requirements for the security of your home or business. However, they typically also have set duties to perform. Those main duties are to patrol your property, monitor your surveillance equipment, inspect your property, its access points, and equipment, and look for potential security risks.

Mobile patrol security officers may also help control traffic around your property and assist in the event of a traffic accident. They also prevent potential security threats by informing the authorities of suspicious activity and warning potential offenders of the consequences of their actions. Mobile patrol security officers must also respond immediately to alarms that are triggered no matter when that happens, so they can make sure the appropriate response is implemented right away. They maintain consistent surveillance of your property at regular and agreed-upon intervals. If there is ever an incident involving a crime committed on your property, mobile patrol officers can also detain the perpetrators, issue citations, contact police on your behalf, and prepare documentation of the event for your records and theirs.

How Mobile Patrol Security Services Can Help Secure Your Property

Employing mobile patrol security services can make a huge difference in the safety and security of your home or your business. Rather than passively waiting for crimes to occur and responding reactively to them, it is much more effective to take an active approach to deter crime through mobile patrol security. Mobile patrol security guards will help you identify areas of weakness in your property’s security. They will also help you to deter crimes from happening, preventing losses.

Mobile patrol security officers are trained to handle various potential safety and security threats and will always do so promptly and efficiently. Not only will mobile patrol security officers look out for you and your safety in multiple ways, but they will also provide you with well-rounded security at a relatively affordable cost.

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