• 5 Strategies Used By Criminal Defense Lawyers To Win Their Case

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Criminal Defense Lawyers are the people you want at your back, should you be accused of a crime. Guilty or innocent, they are there to protect you from the harsh justice of the law. We wanted to get behind the façade of the courtroom, to find out exactly what it is that makes a criminal defense lawyer effective… What tactics and strategies do they use to ensure their success?

Let us find out.

The 5 Winning Strategies of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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1 – “My Client is Not Guilty”

The chances are high that you have sought out a criminal defense attorney because you are in deep trouble. The charges are likely severe enough that you are facing jail time. In this instance, your Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer will try to claim that you did not do it by throwing doubt over any witness statements and contesting evidence. There are certain times when this defense will not work, however, and they need to change their strategy. For example, if a police officer caught you red-handed there is little you can do to deny the act.

2 – Strategic Self-Defense Claim

In certain cases, your lawyer is likely to try and claim that you reacted, rather than acted. This includes claiming that your reaction was in self-defense, and that the crime you committed could not, therefore, have been pre-planned. Without that pre-cognizance and planning of the act, you could not have acted in a premeditated manner. This can lessen a conviction from First Degree downwards.

3 – Redefining the Truth

The prosecutor will be building a version of the truth that makes you look guilty. Your criminal defense attorney must come up with an alternative version of that truth that is equally as believable to the jury. Of course, if you are innocent this works better in your favor, but if you are not innocent, it can still give you a competitive edge. Since both parties use the same basic facts to create their interpretation of the truth, the benefit of the doubt is often given by compassionate jurors.

4 – They Claim Insanity

If there is no way around it, the attorney is forced to choose between three tactics. They can deny it to the end, they can provide a reasonable explanation, or they can admit it and await the consequences. You may think the third option is a lost cause – but not so. Pleading insanity, for example, can be better than facing a lengthy jail sentence when caught in the act.

5 – Question the Legality

One of the best ways a criminal defense lawyer can protect you, is by casting doubt on any number of court proceedings. They find things that have not been done by the book, then they squeeze every drop of dubiousness they can out of them. This means that any time the investigation into you has deviated from the normal rules is fair game to get you off the hook.

Rounding Up

Ultimately, a criminal defense lawyer is there to ensure that you are treated fairly as the accused party. They will do their best to represent you in a positive light, whether you are guilty or not… so find a good one, trust your lawyer, and hope you get off with a slap on the wrist.

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