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Hello everybody. Do you want some adrenaline? Do you really want to reduce your breath, feel goosebumps, and feel fearful even sitting on your favorite chair because especially for you we’ve got the coolest and wildest rides from all over the world? They prepared to feel fearful and start crying and let us get it on:

1. 500-foot high bridge in China people love intense bridges you’ve likely heard about among them made from glass which every year scares a lot of impressionable tourists but it seems that we managed to find something better, of course, this bridge is much briefer than its 300 meters long transparent brother however the experience is no less exciting.

Every daredevil who decides to walk on this bridge is protected by insurance and this is not a superfluous measure the fact is that you will have to walk in an elevation of 200 meters and sometimes even jump the beams that make up the bridge are located at different distances from 50 to 120 centimeters can you jump over a metered understanding that there’s an abyss below you even if it’s covered by fog, believe me, it sounds easy.

The coolest tourists here sometimes give up their nerves to the altitude one wrong move and you are already flying down it is not a long flight naturally because the safety lines soon from the way are so frightened to cross the bridge. They go in pairs nicely or they stand in pairs and there is a real danger of losing your shoes and the insurance isn’t buying you a new pair.

2. X Cream arriving in Las Vegas you can perform with your nerves not only by creating a few bets at the casino or re-enacting the narrative of the hangover.

If this isn’t your kind of entertainment and you would like something really frightening and here is the EX Scream one of the most extreme rights in the world on the roof of the stratosphere hotel it’s located a device that resembles something between a kids’ way in a slide below there are 264 meters of absolute emptiness and in a chic view of Las Vegas that you probably will not be enjoying the landscape walk taking selfies to forget about the likes on Instagram the open trolley for eight people fixed on the edge of the rooftop appears to be firm however once the adrenaline darlings are inside the vehicle out of nowhere servers down for all intents and purposes sliding the rails don’t stress the fascination will stop on time but only so as to elevate the trailer and then again throwing you into the abyss and then several times law just try not to scream.

3. Volcano boarding well of lava boarding everybody thinks about normal surfing however shouldn’t something be said about riding a spring of gushing lava the solution to your undeniable inquiry no admirers of this game don’t overcome floods of magma on their ultra-strength boards.

They just drop on functioning well of lava this is conceivable just in a few pieces of the world one of those spots is in Nicaragua in the division of Leon where lovers of volcanic surfing come down the slope of the volcano the Serra Negra whose height reaches 728 meters this 150 year old active volcano erupted about 23 times and less than 20 decades of passed since the last eruption under the layer of coal black slag you can even feel the heat of the fiery mountain but there’s not any opportunity to touch the pebbles the sportsmen ride their boards usually a metal of wood firmly grasping a rope and we the angle of inclination of the slope is almost 45 degrees allowing you to reach a speed of 86 km/h by how the organisers of such entertainment claim that the most common injury during volcanic is a mild rash like an allergy to the volcano the Rhino going down the hill at high speed raises a bunch of fine dust and stones that can irritate the skin so it’s best to keep your mouth shut but they say that the impressions of volcano surfing are simply stunning would you like a ride. Before getting a plan on Nicaragua, you can get some conflict to choose a travel medium, so I want to make it clear that Air Travel would be best for your journey and you can save a lot of money. Just book your flight with Airlines Gethuman and avail the best deals on each flight.

4. Furius Baco a roller coaster what could be surprising about a roller coaster now but don’t jump to conclusions the Spanish attraction furious backhoe is unique in its own way it was the fastest in Europe till August 2009 and although today has already lost this title the attraction still surprises fans of extreme emotions how about the ability to accelerate from naught to a hundred in 35 km/h in just 3 seconds the acceleration exceeds even the acceleration of gravity for 850 meters the riders are rushing diving into the tunnels leaning dangerously and almost immersing themselves in the walls from the lake take carrier feet by the way instead of the typical wagons the creators constructed slightly different moving elements and people literally fly through the air what do you think how many shoes do tourists loose on the Furious backhoe in its 12 years of existence.

5. Zipworld Velocity flying over an abyss is quite a scary activity but what about flying with your head forwards and your hands tightly pressed to your body, by the way, this kind of entertainment can be tried in Wales in the UK careful instructors will tie you with a bunch of safety belts show you exactly what to hold on to and in an instant, you’re no longer a human but a rocket instead of a supersonic warhead.

If you’d like fortunately the helmet also includes a special flying costume and on how you won’t meet a single wall probably everyone who wishes to fly over the mountains of Wales has offered special glasses and to refuse them is a very poor idea.

The simple fact is that on this attraction you can accelerate to 161 km/h and your eyes probably won’t like it very much that the views are awesome true there will be little time to enjoy them the whole flight lasts under a minute even though the distance exceeds one and a half kilometers that’s what speed means.

6. Terror-Dactyl you probably know that adrenaline lovers would do anything even travel around the world in search but really if you’re one of those persons here’s one place that will make your hair go straight.

The attractions pterodactyl guarantees tons of adrenaline for your satisfaction this extreme place is in the winds mountain park cave in Manus home Springs Colorado where it is possible to appreciate an epic 200-foot freefall in the Williams Canyon so are you prepared in the first place might be raised to a colossal statue on the edge of a precipice a known launch at a space of about 100 miles per hour we and don’t let the name scare you away despite the fact that it appears to be an own sort of dinosaur the fascination is totally sheltered as dependable Anchorage’s won’t let you sneak out at the pinnacle of passionate worry by the route during extraordinary skiing you can appreciate the perspectives on the ravine and value manhandling great in case you’re aware obviously.

7. Roller-Coasters Zipline what would occur if you mix a trolley and a rollercoaster and then put the results somewhere in the forest and show it to tourists it had looked like the roller-coaster zipline true this unusual attraction doesn’t have a death loop of course but you could find a loss of adrenaline without it firstly the speed of movement is considerable and secondly, there are trees all around and you’re able to sell yourself as much as you like the track is surely calculated so that no one crashes into anything and you’ve got a good helmet on your head but it is difficult to deceive the brain and don’t forget about sudden climbs during which shall we’ve hurled and down at fast the Falls aren’t very scary and the height is a very large but what an effect it’s very difficult to unclench your hands and in this instance you have insurance but just imagine the awareness an excellent attraction.

8. Royal Rush Sky Coaster the royal rush sky coaster is located in the state of Colorado over the Royal Gorge on top of the Arkansas River the elevation of this attraction over the earth is 30 meters and above the canyon is around 350 meters so why we’re telling you all of these terrible numbers well the fact is that those who want to get some of the adrenaline have been firmly fixed and increased with the help of a particular mechanism down and they move. Before booking your flight for Colorado you must do proper research on the internet that could provide you with cheap flight packages. In the most unexpected moment to experience freefall right above the gorge but fortunately, a strong cable keeps the lovers of extreme sports living and they swing across the abyss that is speeded up to 80 km/h they say that it’s a less dreadful version of the classic bungee jumping wait less terrible really!

9. Flight In Weightlessness call we at least once flew in a dream and woke up with a feeling that it’d be great to encounter something like that, in reality, alas nobody has neither the abilities of Superman nor the magic dust of Tinkerbell but we’ll tell you a secret, in reality, you can fly without any amazing gizmos there’s a real opportunity to soar in the atmosphere in a country of the most real cosmic weightlessness generated within an airplane lab no magic just the most ordinary physics to capture the state of weightlessness the plane as it had been going down and up a hill from the air and within the cabin, for a short time all things lose their weight and unforgettable feeling by the way in the same way they shot a flip of a ring okay go to the song upside down and inside out in the event that you have not seen it look at it it’s well worth it.

10. Huashan Cliffside Path if you can’t live without actions and just dream of a new portion of adrenaline and this intense fascination of the Chinese mountain motion is ideal for you brave souls from all around the world come here to prove their own fearlessness as well as people a fantasy of eliminating this anxiety about heights believe me if you can walk across this mountain path you will forever forget your phobias the street laid together steep vertical stones is hard to master here you won’t be provided with any handrails or fences only a rock planks metal hooks chains and steep rock steps by the way if you are considering the protection of the attraction you should not worry every tourist wear safety equipment and the stream of traffic to the dangerous mountain road increases every year which means that everything here is from how those chains that you can see on all the photographs and videos have been screwed into the mountain more recently earlier on Russia and there weren’t just boards and it was very dangerous.

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