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  • A Guide to Different Sized Shipping Containers for Hire in Melbourne

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The logistics and transportation industry relies heavily on shipping containers. Various types and sizes are available to meet the needs of different cargoes. Melbourne offers a wide selection of shipping containers for hire that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whatever your needs are, there is a container size suitable for transporting goods, storing equipment or materials, or using it as a mobile office.

Different shipping container sizes

8ft Shipping Container

Easy 8ft Shipping Containers are compact, versatile, and can serve a variety of purposes. In terms of container size, it is the smallest you can get, so it is ideal for storing or transporting smaller items. Container dimensions are 2.43 meters long, 2.20 meters wide, and 2.26 meters high. Although it is small, it is wind and watertight due to its high-quality steel construction.

In construction sites, farms, or other locations where space is limited, 8ft Shipping Containers are perfect for storing tools, equipment, and materials. A driveway or garage can also be used to store it for domestic use.

10ft Shipping Container

Another compact shipping container is the 10ft Shipping Container, which is slightly larger than the Easy 8ft Shipping Container. It measures 3.05 meters in length, 2.44 meters in width, and 2.59 meters in height. The 10ft container is ideal for transporting or storing smaller items and can fit in tight spaces that larger containers cannot.

This container size is perfect for storing excess inventory or equipment at a construction site or transporting smaller goods such as appliances, furniture, or vehicles. It can also be used as a mobile office or workshop.

20ft Shipping Container

Containers of 20ft are one of the most commonly hired sizes in Melbourne. Its length is 6.06 meters, width is 2.44 meters, and height is 2.59 meters. Many types of cargo can be transported in a 20ft container, including machinery, furniture, equipment, and vehicles.

This container size is ideal for businesses storing or transporting large quantities of equipment or goods. Additionally, it can be used as a mobile workshop or office base or for on-site storage.

40ft Shipping Container

Melbourne’s largest container size is the 40ft Shipping Container. In length, width, and height, it measures 12.19 meters. 40ft containers are ideal for businesses that transport or store large quantities of goods, machinery, or equipment.

In addition to holding 30-32 pallets of large machinery, this container size is perfect for international shipping. The mobile workshop or office can also be used on-site as a storage area or as a base for on-site storage.

white and gray shipping containers in the warehouse

White and Gray Shipping Containers in the Warehouse

The benefits of choosing the correct sized container

Choosing the correct sized container for your requirements can provide several benefits. This section will explore these benefits in list form with descriptions.

Cost Savings

You can save money on transportation costs by choosing the right-sized container. You can save money on transportation costs by using smaller, lighter containers. Examples of these containers include the Easy 8ft Shipping Container and the Easy 10ft Shipping Container. By doing so, you can save money on fuel and other transportation costs.

If you need to store or transport large amounts of goods or equipment for an extended period of time, a 40-foot shipping container can be a cost-efficient option. A multiple container rental or additional storage space rental can help you save money.


You can benefit from convenience if you choose a container of the right size. Easy 8′ Shipping Containers, for example, are compact and easy to move, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Its small size makes it easy for homeowners or small businesses to store in a driveway or garage.

Businesses can transport or store smaller items using the 10ft Shipping Container. The compact size makes it perfect for construction sites or other places with limited space due to its compact size.


Choosing a suitable-sized container can provide you with versatility. As an example, shipping containers can be used as storage containers, transportation vehicles, or mobile offices. With its versatility and ability to be customized, it can handle a wide variety of cargo. Shipping containers are ideal for international shipping and can be used as mobile workshops or offices.

Protection of Goods

Your goods will be protected during transportation or storage if you choose the right container size. The Easy 8ft Shipping Container or the 10ft Shipping Container, for example, have smaller dimensions, which can be helpful for protecting goods during transit. You can also transport and store large amounts of goods without packing materials by using a larger container size, like a 40ft Shipping Container.


With the right container size, you can ensure your security. You can secure your goods during transportation or storage by choosing a smaller container size, such as Easy 8ft Shipping Containers or Easy 10ft Shipping Containers. The smaller size makes it easier to monitor and secure, which reduces theft and damage risks.

You can also store high-value goods or equipment in larger containers, such as 20ft and 40ft Shipping Containers. Security features such as locking mechanisms and cameras can be installed in these containers to protect them from theft and unauthorized access.

worker unloading package box to cargo container delivery truck

Worker Unloading Package Box to Cargo Container Delivery Truck


Shipping containers of the right size can offer several benefits for your business. Whatever your needs are, there is a container size to fit them. Use it for transport, storage, or to set up a mobile office.

There are many advantages to choosing the right container size based on your requirements.

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