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  • 7 Effective Steps to Take Before Becoming a Doctor

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One of the most challenging and rewarding disciplines a student may pursue is medicine. But before you choose whether or not to pursue a career as a doctor, you must be aware of every need you’ll face.

Step 1: Be Successful in High School

You’ll do yourself a lot of good if you become more focused in high school if you’re serious about becoming a doctor. Since this is a somewhat competitive field, it will be easier for you to stand yourself as a strong student the earlier you do. Concentrate on math and science.

You’ll need to enroll in many science and math classes to complete all pre-med prerequisites in college.

Being a successful doctor requires more than simply being an expert in science and arithmetics. Volunteering often while in high school will demonstrate your commitment to helping others. You could check with a local hospital or clinic to see if there are any openings.

Step 2: Get Accepted to a Top College

You start concentrating on your academics and getting ready for a career in medicine in college. The following is a list of everything you should complete as an undergraduate to prepare for the next significant step on your path to becoming a doctor: medical school. Most medical schools offer a set of prerequisite courses that applicants must have completed as undergraduates. They will be well-equipped for the more difficult courses they will need to complete as medical students since they will have a solid foundation in math and science.

Step 3: Take the MCAT and Succeed

Compared to other aspects of your application, the Medical College Admission Test is given a lot of weight because it predicts your success in medical school.

Most students take the MCAT in their junior year, which is likely the best time to do so. Online MCAT tutoring is also an available route if you feel you need that extra help. The MCAT lasts for seven and a half hours in total. The following are some of the test’s sections:

  • The Biochemical and Biological Basis of Living Systems
  • Biological System Foundations: Chemical and Physical
  • Analytical and Logical Skills in Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

Step 4: Apply to Medical Schools and Get Accepted

There are med school rating lists, as there are for any institution or course of study. Admission to any medical school in the US should be regarded as a success. However, the admissions requirements and curricula are so strict and demanding. You won’t have any trouble obtaining work as a doctor if you choose to attend medical school and complete a residency at a reputable hospital. In the US, there are two different kinds of doctors:

  • Osteopathic physicians and Allopathic physicians (MDs) (DOs)
  • The only difference between the two sorts of physicians is that they each hold a full medical license and frequently practice medicine similarly.

Step 5: Obtain a Medical Degree and Pass Your Board Exams

You have finally arrived at medical school after completing all the pre-med requirements and applications. Although you will spend four years here, the experience won’t be very similar to your undergraduate studies because there are additional choices, chances for practical experience, and concerns about a professional license. The four years of medical school will look like this:

  • 1st -2nd Year: Mostly in-class instruction
  • 3rd Year: Instruction in every significant medical specialty, which is also known as rotations
  • 4th Year: Elective classes primarily depending on selected specialty

Step 6: Complete a Residence

At teaching hospitals, residents work in supervised jobs, also referred to as internships. The National Resident Matching Program will connect you with an open residency post. Although you can note your preferences, you won’t have the final say in who your matches will be. Your residency program will last at least three years, but depending on your specialty, it could last longer. You must also pass your final licensure test during your residence. As a resident, you’ll be paid, but it won’t be much.

Step 7: Take Your Final Boards and Pass Them

After completing your residency and passing all of your exams, you can start working on your own as a certified physician. You’ll probably find employment quickly. You might like to work at a medical facility or private practice. No matter your specialty, continuing medical education is a must for practicing as a doctor. This keeps you informed of the most recent findings and cutting-edge treatments.


Like all other professions, being a doctor is not easy but is a fulfilling role for those passionate about being one. What is required of any profession is to be aware of the requirements and go ahead and become a great doctor.

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