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Part of taking care of your family involves looking for a good family doctor. Selecting a good doctor whom you can trust with your family’s health concerns can be a daunting process. You deserve a doctor, you can turn to anytime when a health emergency comes up or when the preventive routine check-ups are due.

Here’s how to find one.


Referrals are a great place to start looking for a family doctor. You could inquire from trusted sources such as friends, family members, neighbors, and workmates. Chances are that they have a few contacts from their networks who could help you trace a good doctor. Also, your primary physical physician should have an excellent network for you to utilize and find the right family doctor.

Check with Your Insurance

Many insurance companies have alliances with health providers. Chances are that your insurance company has a wonderful list of potential doctors who can cater for all your family’s health needs. Utilize your insurer’s directory or website to find a good doctor. Take a step further and contact the doctors you prefer on the list. Verify that they still accept your insurance cover and schedule a consultation meeting to vet them. This calling process should help you narrow down the list depending on their availability.

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Watch out for Any Red Flags

During your interview with your potential doctor, pay close attention to any red flags. This includes malpractice claims and previously reported disciplinary actions. Common reasons some doctors find themselves amidst feuds include inappropriate sexual behaviors and substance abuse. You could verify their records on certain sites that file these claims and also be sure to ask them to present their medical licenses.

Consider Compatibility

A significant number of individuals focus on personal relationships and personality when selecting a family doctor. You want a physician who pays attention to every one of your family member’s needs. During the face-to-face interview, observe carefully how the doctor answers questions. Does he or she listen to you without interrupting? Do you relate to each other’s situations? Does the doctor sound friendly? Choose a doctor whose personality you feel you can work with perfectly.

Your family doctor isn’t just any physician. You need to vet them properly to retain an individual who will prioritize your family’s needs.

Emma Sturgis

By Emma Sturgis
who is a freelance writer and residing in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and health. She recommends doing plenty of research when finding a doctor to avoid dealing with lawsuits.


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