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  • 5 Steps to Take If You Are Not Able to Afford Your Medication

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Being sick has become expensive. The cost of medication is rising, leaving many people unable to afford the cost of their prescriptions. Some of these drugs don’t come cheap, but they are necessary for your overall health and well-being.

Not taking your medication as prescribed can seriously affect your long-term health. If you can’t afford your medications, there are several options to help.

Check Your Insurance

Your health insurance company may offer some prescription assistance program as part of your coverage. As you check your insurance, check your health plan’s drug coverage. Some health plans cover 100% of certain medications.

If you have coverage for your medication, then you don’t have to worry about the financial strain of paying for your medications. You must only be careful about filling the prescription under your health plan’s guidelines.

Make sure that you are not taking a different dosage than what is prescribed by your doctor. Keep in mind that every insurance company has different coverage and policies. If you have insurance, you need to read your coverage booklet to see if it covers your medication.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you have insurance coverage, but the medication is still too expensive, talk to your doctor about changing your prescription to a less expensive drug. Different drugs have different price tags. Some are just as effective as the more expensive drugs but cost less.

Your doctor can help you find a more affordable option. If you have a high deductible plan and cannot afford your medication, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription you can fill at a local pharmacy.

You can get lower doses to cover drugs with your insurance. Depending on your insurance type, a low-cost prescription may be covered fully or partially.

Ask for a Prescription Discount card

Many drug companies offer prescription discount cards to people who do not qualify for assistance programs. You may also be able to find coupons for prescription medications online. An RX card is free and can save you up to 75% on your medication.

These cards are specific to each medication, so you may have to use more than one card if you take more than one medication. These cards can help you save significantly on your medication each year. It is important to note that these cards are not for uninsured people or Medicare.

These cards are for people with insurance who still can’t afford their medication. You may have to go to your pharmacy to get one of these cards, but it is worth it if it will save you money.

Find Out If There Is a Cheaper Alternative

Some drug manufacturers offer prescription assistance programs that can lower the cost of your medication. If you are taking a long-term medication and can’t find any assistance programs, you should try switching to a different medication.

You can ask your doctor about switching medications if you want to save money. By switching, you can save money on your prescription by taking advantage of lower-cost generic versions. Ask your doctor if there is a cheaper alternative to the medication that you are taking.

If there is, your doctor can write you a prescription for a different type of drug that is less expensive. Some pharmacies will charge you a lower or no copay if you have been taking a certain drug for a long time.

Apply for Assistance Programs

If you are on a low income or if you are on government assistance, then you may be able to apply for assistance programs. Each state has its assistance programs and they are designed to help people who are not able to afford their medications.

These programs will look at your financial situation and help you find a solution to pay for your medication.

Assistance programs vary from state to state, but some examples of common programs are the Partnership for Managed Care, Partnership for Prescription Assistance, and the Low-Income Subsidy Program.

Contact your health plan if you can’t afford your medications. Most plans have financial counselors to help pay for medications.

Being unable to afford medication can be stressful and overwhelming. Knowing what programs you can use if you can’t afford your medication is important. These tips and resources can help you get medication and stay healthy.

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