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  • You Need A Nebulizer When Taking These Medications

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Do you have a chronic ailment affecting your breathing? You need essential medication handy just in time to save you from a life-threatening attack. A nebulizer is a device that effectively delivers essential medication to the throat and lungs. People with respiratory problems face breathing difficulty resulting from constricting or blocking of the airways.

So, taking medication through the mouth without any special equipment is difficult. A nebulizer turns liquid medication into a breathable mist for inhaling directly into the lungs and airways. This offers quick and effective relief. Perhaps you’ve been using other means such as an inhaler for conditions like asthma. Read on to discover the kinds of medication you should take using a nebulizer.

Medication To Administer Using A Nebulizer

The medication you can take using a nebulizer is for quick relief and long-term control. Quick-relief medication is for emergencies including severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma attack. Medication for long-term management is for treating symptoms of COPD, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Keep in mind that your doctor has to recommend inhaled medication for your particular condition. There is a chance that a dry powder inhaler or metered-dose will work better for your condition.

The dosage for your medication depends on your age, extent of the disease, and condition type. Besides, the doctor might recommend a combination of medication or instruct when to use the particular medication in certain circumstances. The rule of thumb is to stick to the doctor’s instructions for relief from the symptoms. Check out the medications where you have to get best nebulizer to use.

Ipratropium Bromide

According to, Ipratropium is for controlling and preventing shortness of breath and wheezing resulting from COPD. The drug works by relaxing the muscles surrounding the airways making them open up for easy breathing. Regular use with a nebulizer is required for effectiveness. The doctor might recommend using Ipratropium with quick-relief medication for fast relief from sudden shortness of breath and wheezing.

The nebulizer changes the medication into a fine mist for inhaling. A parent has to supervise a child when taking the medication to ensure the right dosage. Liquid from the medication should be colorless and clear without visible particles or any discoloration before use. Inhaling the medication is about three to four times daily with six to eight-hour intervals apart. Treatment using a nebulizer takes about five to fifteen minutes.

Cromolyn Sodium

For people at risk of asthma-inducing allergy, the doctor is likely to recommend the use of cromolyn sodium. A nebulizer is necessary to inhale the solution into the lungs about three to six times daily to limit allergy symptoms. The rule of thumb is to take the medication before the beginning of an allergic reaction or before exposure to any potential allergens.

Instructions from your doctor are necessary to ensure the proper use of cromolyn sodium. Besides, you must follow directions regarding the use of the medication on the prescription label. Continual use of the medication is essential to derive its effectiveness. Keep in mind that the drug takes about four weeks to reach full potential. Therefore, don’t expect immediate results after use but don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if symptoms persist a month after using the medication as recommended.


To limit asthma attacks, the doctor might recommend budesonide. Regular use of this medication significantly lowers the possibility and severity of asthma. But, this medication doesn’t offer relief when an asthma attack has started.

You use a nebulizer to inhale this drug that protects the lungs from inflammation to lower the severity of asthma attacks. The doctor might recommend inhaling budesonide with other medication including bronchodilators for opening up breathing passages of the lungs.

Albuterol And Levalbuterol

These two drugs are bronchodilators that offer quick relief for asthma. The medications open the airways in the lungs to allow easier breathing during severe COPD and asthma attacks. Levalbuterol stimulates beta receptors relaxing the tracheal and bronchial smooth muscle and opening the airway better.

You can get this medication in a solution for use in a nebulizer in various concentrations. Alternatively, oral tablets of albuterol are available in varying strengths including 2mg, 4mg, and 8 mg. You can as well get an oral solution for use in a nebulizer in a concentration such as 2mg/5ml.

Things You Should Know After Using A Nebulizer

Cleaning your nebulizer after each use is very important. Always wash the mouthpiece and container using hot water and dish soap. Ensure to shake off any excess water and allow the parts to air dry. Besides, you should attach the pieces and turn on the nebulizer for quick drying. Before storage, all parts should be completely dry. After treatment, always disinfect the nebulizer by soaking the parts in diluted white vinegar and hot water, however, don’t soak the mouthpiece. Allow drying as already described.

Access life-saving medication is very important when you have a chronic condition. A quality nebulizer comes in handy to allow access to your medication when you need it most.

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