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  • Things to Consider While Selecting a Liquid Flow Meter

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Flow meters are devices used to measure the flow of liquids. Flow meters are essential in many industries. Companies depend on flow meters for accurate measurements. Agencies such as regulatory agencies also need flow monitoring and reporting with certain flow limits.

Due to improved technology, there are many flow meters available. Flow meters are available in different styles and varieties. Each flow meter has its unique use as well. When choosing a flow meter, you should consider several factors.

Some liquid flow meters measure wastewater while others measure clean water. Some like Coriolis are more accurate than others. Other flowmeters need constant maintenance while others don’t. So, when selecting a flow meter, you should consider all these things. You should not focus on one aspect, like maybe cost, because all aspects are essential.

It is said that cheap is always expensive, but sometimes cheap flow meters with superficial characteristics can work well. When the use is simple, performance may as well be more comfortable. If your flow meter works well, you may not need any other complicated solutions. Such as expensive flow meters. When selecting a liquid flow meter, always consider the following things;

The Type of The Fluid When selecting a liquid flow, you should consider yourself what type of fluid you are measuring. You should be able to know whether it is a liquid or a gas you are measuring. You should also consider the type of flow you are going to measure. You cannot use a liquid flow meter that is proposed for wastewater to measure clean water flow rate.

You should also consider if the liquid conducts electricity or not. Wastewater does not have ions that will conduct electricity, so their flow meters will be different. It would be best if you also studied corrosive liquids. With the corrosive liquids, you will need special pipes to prevent the meter from damage. If you do not look at this, you may incur added costs and high maintenance costs.

The Operating Temperature and Pressure

Knowing the type of liquid to be measured is just part of understanding the full application. Other flow meters are sometimes affected by the temperatures and pressure of liquids. If the flow meter’s accuracy is affected by the temperatures, you will have to add a temperature sensor.

Other liquid flow meters cannot take in high pressures. As stated earlier, flow meters are found in many different forms. There is a flow meter that is designed for any application. You should always use a flow meter where it is supposed to be applied. Doing this will give accurate results.

Flow Range

Knowing the flow range is an essential factor to consider. It will enable you to know if the flow rate varies or is it continuous. Some flow meters will not respond well if the flow is suddenly reduced or added. In contrast, others work well with the increase or decrease inflow. Also, different pipes are designed for different pipes.

The Type of the Sensor

There are many flow sensors in the market. While selecting the type of liquid flow meter, you should always consider the available flow meters. The following are various types of flow sensors to choose from;

  • Coriolis Flow sensors; in these sensors, liquids flow in a u-shaped pipe. This shape makes the liquids twist, and the twisting is used to calculate the flow rate.
  • Electromagnetic; liquids flow over a magnetic field. When the liquids flow, they make an electric charge used to determine the flow of liquids.
  • Ultrasonic flow sensors; are used to measure the speed of the fluids. The flow rate is determined depending on the speed measurement.

The Accuracy of the Flow Meter

It would help determine how accurate you want your measurement to be while selecting a flow meter. You should for the flow meters that are of good quality.


While consulting the manufacturer about the accuracy of the flow meter, also ask about its repeatability. Make sure to know how consistent the accuracy is. Repeatability helps when the accuracy of the meter drops. The user’s repeatability will compare the accuracy in other devices. So, make assured to consider that as well.

Installation of the Device

Installation of the flow meter depends on the type of meter. You can install the following basic types. These installation types are in the order of the most challenging type to the simplest one;

  • Inline
  • In contrast
  • Insertion
  • And clamp-on

The inline type will require the cutting of the pipe. At the same time, other types can be installed under the conditions of the flow. Many flow meters need straight pipes except for Coriolis flowmeters. If you fail to use the right channel of flow, you will experience low accuracy levels. The repeatability will also be affected. Installation should very much be considered when selecting liquid flow meters.

Maintenance of The Liquid Flow Meter

When buying a liquid flow meter, always ask the seller about its maintenance. Ask them how often you should clean the device also. Maintenance will help to increase the accuracy of the flow meter. Also, consider the safety of the device. Knowing this will enable you to avoid unnecessary costs.

The Life Cycle of The Device

It would help if you considered how long you have to use the flow meter. Some flowmeters last for more than 25 years without any maintenance. Others will last a year, and then you can replace them. The life cycle will depend on you. You can choose depending on the application also. When comparing the different life cycles of flow meters, also look at the costs. Consider how much it will take you to maintain, install, and by the flow meter. These considerations are essential.


Liquid flow meters are hard to choose. Always ask for help from manufacturers so that you can know what type to buy. You can also ask them to train you on how to install and maintain the flow meters. They will be animated to help you with demonstrations also. While opting for flow meters, never go blindly; always ask. Failure to seek help will make you incur many costs.

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