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  • Technical Specifications of the Pulse Output Flow Meters

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A pulse flow meter is a device commonly used in the flow meter industry to signal flow. Flow meters that use the pulse output signal can help you read the data in a different place from where the meter is fixed. If you wish to know about the pulse flow meter’s technical traits, you landed in the right place.

Pipe Length

As per the dealer’s fixing requirements, you must fit at least a length of ten calibers of right and robust pipe on the meter’s intake side. It would help if you also fixed a spark of five calibers of a vertical line on the outflow side of the device.

However, there are cases where it is hard to rationally mount a meter with the same bore as the pipework. If that occurs, you can apply the reducers with concentric tapers. But, that is limited to the use of 6-1ratio taper followed by at least ten calibers of strong vertical pipe mounted on the meter’s input side.

A minimum of five meters of rigid and robust pipe on the meter’s outflow supported by a 6-1 ratio taper back out to the actual tube to reduce the flow change. Any water flow sensor can be fitted on a vertical pipe as long as the dealer verifies it to serve that purpose.

If the meter is not set on a fixed point and is used in connection with a flexible pump, it works on a different law. The meter for such an instance and a minimum of ten meters of vertical pipe must be mounted on the meter’s intake side and at least five calibers of a straight tube on the meter’s exit area.

Location of the Pulse Meter

Flow meters should be placed as close as possible, practically to the pump’s point of removal and discharge side. Ensure there are only offtakes of water such as fire fighting outlets, domestic, and stock water allowed in the meters and at the point of removal.

The meter’s gauging mode must be set in a straight tube of circular, uniform, and should not have any parts or barriers. As a rule, all meters need to be fitted to ensure there is a full water pipe on the intake and exit side of the meter.

If the meter has a flow totalizer, it must be fixed more than 1.5 meters below the ground level. On top of that, there must be enough space for those meters that are set below the ground. That will help you access it with ease when reading the flow tantalizers. You can use a meter box to secure the meter that is found 0.5 meters below the ground. You should provide an access pit for those meters placed among 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters below the ground.

Regional Councils Specification

You should note that the pulse flow meter should be mounted according to Hawke’s bay directions. Those directions include:

It would help if you mounted the meter in a pipe section where there might be air pockets or where the tube cannot run short of water.

If the meter is set below the ground and you cannot reach the tube with ease, there must be lasting access in a different place. The access region should be 15 meters of the straight pipe for reading and scaling uses. You can either set the access either below or above the ground and have the aptitude to carry the full water volume charged for gauging in the meter.

If there is any flow preventer, it should be fixed on the meter’s flow side and be at least five meters below the ground.

Fix the pulse output flow meter in a pipe region where enough air holes and the tube cannot dry. If there are chances that air might be entrapped near the sensor, an air plug must be mounted on the device.

The sensors that are approved by the dealer to work in flowing tubes must be fixed to ensure it is filled with liquid in all states set.

Ensure the installer has the fixation tested a month before the actual fixing. It should comply with Hawke’s s bay regional council and give a record showing that the meter has less than five percent in all rates.

All pulse water flow meters should be set on the right path to the flow.

In cases where the meter is set above the ground to either a polythene pipeline, plastic or PCV must be supported in the right way to enhance the meter’s stability.

When the meter is a mechanical version, mount it correctly as stated in the manual.


Ensure the meter fixation is sealed to the extent of leaving nil chance of striking, removing, or changing the meter without altering with the guarding tools. That is where now the tamper tags come in to help. Use the tags fitted in the meter fixing bolts or cable junction boxes.

The Surrounding

This kind of trait is very crucial in pulse output meters. In the place where the meter is expected to be located in a harsh setting, serious protection should be given to the meter to avoid causing damage. The strict state can be from flood, corrosion, stock, to cite but a few.

Final Words

Flow meters are very vital in our day to day projects. The pulse flow meter comes with various designs such as the reed switches, optical detectors, hall effect transistors, Namur flow meters, to mention but a few. All these types are activated by a spinning turbine from a mechanical flow meter. Ensure you follow the right guide to enhance a good working pulse flow meter.

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