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  • Guide To Care Precious Jewelry Stones

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You may never know when you started getting intimate with your jewelry collection. But that’s how addictive jewelry can be. They are the most cherished accessories you will ever have in your life. So, you need to know how you can best care for and protect your treasured jewelry.

It doesn’t matter the kind of jewelry collection you have. If you want your jewels to last longer, you need to take good care of them. Proper care for your jewelry collection will help them maintain their beauty and keep your heirloom sparkling even for generations to come.

How to care for your precious jewelry collection

Treat your jewelry stones with care.

Before you engage in any exercise or much labor, ensure to remove your jewelry. It can be during workouts and sports, gardening, or housework. You may bed backward to avoid scratching your car, but how do you expect your fine jewelry to survive day lives without a scratch?

Even when you are wearing a ring, you may not take-off during a garden or workout. You can wear proper gloves. They can provide some level of cushion and support. All in all, your jewelry collection needs to be treated with care.

Avoid storing your precious stones together.

The pieces in your jewelry collection are precious and delicate. Since some are harder than others, it’s important to avoid keeping them together. You can keep them in a soft pouch. A cotton-lined box can also help you to store them safely. If your jewelry collection has sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, that will be scratched with ease. They may irritate any other piece they come into contact with. Don’t forget, even gold scratches to each other.

Your pearls are quite soft and shouldn’t be stored with other loose items or gems. Ensure careful when storing your jewelry since too much pressure or the wrong angle may damage your jewelry collection.

Carry out regular cleaning for your jewelry

It’s good to clean your precious stone. But make sure you consult a gemstone care guide to help you know how best you can clean your jewelry collection to avoid causing damage. Many of your jewels may respond well with warm water and mild detergent. However, some gems are sensitive, and you need to know what may affect them before washing.

If you doubt how you should go about cleaning your jewelry collection, you can ask a professional. Don’t forget any improper cleaning you do may result in scratching and other damages. Have you decided to clean them by yourself? Ensure you don’t overdo it. Never use household cleaners or bleach.

Check loose gems regularly.

This is another simple to maintain your jewelry collection to ensure your jewelry is always in a good state. You can check loose gems by shaking your piece gently. You may even tap it using your finger near your ears. Do you want to check if your prongs are okay? Insert a thin piece of paper between metal prongs and the gem. All your loose gemstones need to be tightened before wearing them.

Take off your precious jewelry when going to bed.

When done with your daily routine and ready to go to sleep, it’s vital to wear off your jewelry. While your jewelry collection may have strong and durable items, they can scratch and become worn out. Scratching may occur if your jewels come in contact with other things. As you sleep, you may move your body, and the beauty items you wear may create friction with your bed and thus be scratched.

Remove dirt and grime.

Take good care of your jewelry collection against dirt and grime. If they build up, they may affect the beauty and sparkle of your jewelry. That may cause your stones to be pushed out. Remember to clean your jewelry regularly to remove any build-up residue that damages your valuables.

Don’t expose your jewel to chemicals.

If you expose your precious metal to chemicals, it will discolor or get damaged. Even your everyday lotion, hair spray, or perfume has the power to damage your jewelry. That’s why you need to take caution as you apply them to your body. When you go swimming, ensure you take off your jewelry. Swimming pools have chlorinated water, which is harsh to your lovely jewelry.

Ensure you exercise safe storage of your jewels

When you are not wearing your precious jewelry, you need to keep them safe. Don’t just toss your gems into a drawer or on the top of the dresser. You will be attracting scratches and damage to your jewelry.

Most of your jewelry items come inside boxes or pouches from the jewelry collection shop. That is the perfect place you need to be keeping your jewelry. Do you have sterling silver items? Ensure to store them in cloth or anti-tarnish bags. You may also use jewelry boxes that have padded slots where you can keep your rings. A post will also be ideal for hanging your bracelets and necklaces.

In case you have opals and pearls within your jewelry collection, you need to store them in a dry area. They can draw moisture in the air, which may result in damage. So, the best place to keep them is in a safe deposit box.

Are you someone who is on the move? You may protect your jewelry from scratches or damage by padding them into a separate case box. You can rest assured that your jewelry will be safe that way.


Your jewelry collection needs proper care. That way, your items will remain robust, shining, and sparkling. You can check the loose gems and tighten them or wash them to remove dirt and grime. Ensure also to take them off when it’s time for bed. Besides, many jewelry collection stores may offer a free check on your jewels or professional cleaning to attracting customers to their stores. You can take advantage of those services to help maintain your jewelry.

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