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  • 4 Things That Are Just Taking Up Space in Your Home-And What to Do With

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Over the years, you home may have become cluttered or disorganized. You may have storage boxes stacked up in the garage or family spaces so full of trinkets that it’s difficult to navigate. If you are ready to get rid of unused items around your home that are just taking up valuable space, here are four things that may bring in some extra cash.

1. Unused Vehicles

You might have an old beater sitting in the garage that hasn’t run for a long time or that you just don’t use anymore. Maybe you planned to fix it up and sell it, but so far just haven’t been able to find the time. The good news is that there are businesses that will pay money for junk cars as well as pick them up and tow them away. You also may be able to sell spare car parts that are not being used. Motorcycles and trucks are also popular resale vehicles if they are drivable or have at least some usable parts.

2. Clothing

Retro styles or lightly-used designer clothing can often be resold to consignment shops or to individual shoppers online. Evening gowns and wedding dresses are also sought by many buyers. Accessories like shoes, bags, and hats may also be in demand.

Organize your nicer or more popular items of clothing. Make sure that they are clean and in good condition before contacting a consignment shop. You can also donate them to a second-hand shop like Goodwill for a tax donation. Either way, your unused clothing can earn or save you money. You may want to shop around to find what shops will give you the most for your items.

3. Books and Toys

If you have a collection of old books, first editions, special translations, or out-of-print titles, you may be able to sell them to interested buyers. Children’s books and adult classics can sometimes be hard to find, so book lovers are always looking for special editions of their favorite books by beloved authors.

Kids’ toys, especially from previous generations, are often eagerly purchased by people with vintage tastes or for nostalgic reasons. Toys that are clean and in good condition, especially those in their original packaging, can fetch a surprisingly high price online or at auction.

4. Jewelry

You may not wear jewelry, but your grandmother’s string pearls or a great-aunt’s rhinestone brooch may interest shoppers looking for antique gems or vintage popular styles. Gold, silver, and gemstone jewels are of special interest, while imitations and costume jewelry of bygone eras attract customers looking for classic pieces. Have your jewelry appraised by a jeweler before selling it to ensure you know its actual value.

If you paid good money for an item, there’s a good someone else would be happy to pay you for it too. Clean out your closets, attic, basement, and garage to find items you no longer need or want. Even if a piece no longer holds much value to you, chances are there are buyers who will pay you for the privilege of taking certain items off your hands.

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