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  • How To Wear the Celestial Jewelry Trend

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When you look up into the night sky, how does it make you feel? Some people are enchanted by the gleam of faraway stars. Others imagine what beautiful, unknown worlds might be tucked out of sight in our expansive universe.

No matter how you feel about space, there’s no denying that staring up into the cosmos provides us all with a certain sense of wonder. That special feeling also applies to the increasingly popular celestial jewelry that you can find in department stores, specialty boutiques, and on the arms of your favorite celebrity.

If you want to harness a little extraterrestrial magic for yourself, try out the space-inspired celestial jewelry trend today. It might be just what you need to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe!

What Is Celestial Jewelry?

Celestial jewelry features suns, moons, stars, and other astronomical decorations. It can also include astrological themes. If you know your astrological sign, you can find jewelry that includes motifs and patterns related to your sign.

Celestial jewelry has been around for many hundreds of years. In fact, ancient civilizations were just as intrigued by the moon and the stars as we are today. Ancient Greeks used the sun as a symbol, ancient Romans used stars and crescent moons on their coins, and the Victorians also used moon, sun, and star imagery in their jewelry.

Space represents hope and comfort: it’s something constant that is always around us, and it’s also an unknown frontier that holds beautiful landscapes unlike what we see on earth. Today, many people wear celestial jewelry for the comfort and hope it provides.

How to Wear Celestial Jewelry

Like any style of jewelry, there are many ways to match your space-inspired jewelry to your outfit. You should choose the jewelry that you would like to wear and pick an outfit with complementary colors and silhouettes.

Dainty Pieces

Many space jewelry fans like small, dainty necklaces and bracelets that add a subtle shine to an outfit. Jewelry doesn’t have to be oversized to be eye-catching! Just like the stars overhead, small celestial jewelry adds a tiny sparkle that is pretty but not overwhelming.

Statement Jewelry

Large, eye-catching necklaces and earrings are a great way to draw attention to your outfit. Just because the sun and stars appear small in the sky doesn’t mean that they have to be small in your jewelry. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold!

Popular Celestial Jewelry

If you have a favorite celebrity, check to see if they wear celestial jewelry. They probably do! For example, celestial themes show up in recent Hailey Bieber jewelry trends.

To get your own starry baubles, check out Capri Colette jewelry. This line offers a wide range of options, and fine jewelry by Colette features many celestial themes.

You can also find some great pieces by Roma Designer Jewelry. Their offerings include sun and moon-themed pieces and zodiac-themed charms.

Get Your Celestial Jewelry Today

Celestial jewelry is a popular trend that is available for all price points. Now that you’ve learned about this jewelry trend, try it out for yourself! Check out one of the brands mentioned above to get started.

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