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  • Five Most Popular Styles For An Engagement Ring

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Nothing can stop two people from loving each other, not even the pandemic, and the wedding season is proof of this. The pandemic witnessed most of the weddings and engagements. When it comes to shopping for rings for your partners, always want the best for them. Maybe something out of the world. They are continually looking out for the latest engagement ring trends and suddenly turn more creative. It is the big moment of your life, and everyone tries his level best to come up with the best ideas to surprise the partner. After all, an engagement ring will become the symbol of their love and bond. To take you out of this challenging situation, we have come up with the best engagement ring styles for you. You can find almost all types of engagement rings at ItsHot website.

Engagement ring styles –

Trends keep on changing and evolving from time to time, be it jewelry or engagement rings. Consequently, it would help if you shopped these beauties according to the trend; otherwise, it might seem old-fashioned. Have a look at the best selling engagement rings for your partner.

Unique rings with a personal touch –

Couples take control of the few details they can to make their wedding memorable, and that too in the year full of uncertainties. One of those key areas of concern for them is the engagement rings. Clients spend enough time exploring different options in front of them as they want it to be the best. These days, it is seen that people are looking out more for something personal, insightful, and thoughtful for their partner with unique ideas. They want something with a unique cut and unusual setting. It is the moment for them to express their love, and consequently, they want the ring to confess their feelings on their behalf. They want something entirely different from the routine ones.

Band style engagement rings –

Designers are witnessing that clients are looking out for band style engagement rings owing to the ever-changing landscape of weddings. This trend is on the rise these days. Other countries have been practicing this trend for quite a long time, and now it is followed worldwide. The current pandemic has resulted in more of this trend.

Mix of classic and modern –

Owing to the pandemic, people have been used to shopping virtually and online. It has given an impetus to their partners’ traditional engagement ring styles, and the most favored classic ring styles are solitaire and three-stone rings. It is for sure a comeback for the classic engagement rings. They are more into classic cuts like cushion, oval, and round cut diamonds with delicate settings with the diamond on the top. Consequently, couples are up for the timeless rings and choosing the best stone. Today’s brides love the traditional rings with a pretty silhouette as this design speaks for itself.

Heirloom European cut engagement rings –

While shopping for their engagement rings, couples notice their family traditions and rituals. So they shop for such rings which look like their heirloom engagement rings. These days, heirloom-inspired rings are on the trends, and couples are going crazy over these beauties. These styles of engagement rings will connect modern love stories to vintage details leading to new family traditions. It is emphasized that this trend will last for a long time. The best thing about European cuts is that they follow a unique pattern which makes them one of a kind and a timeless beauty.

Online shopping easy –

The pandemic has made people turn to virtual and online shopping. People also accepted this change, and jewelry designers again turned a bit creative to facilitate their sales and increase their profits. These days consumers are bent upon shopping from small jewelry designers to get to know the designers in person.

Side stones –

Earlier, there was the three-stone rings trend, but now it is scaled back to small side stones. The smaller side stones are becoming more popular these days and making heads turn. Most couples are looking out for the petite side stones as they are modern and delicate.

Prong styles –

It is said that the upcoming trend will witness prongs and east-west cuts. Jewelers are saying that in some time, they will be seen everywhere. They are calm and comfortable to wear also. They look their best when worn and exhibit elegance.

Emerald engagement ring –

Emeralds are back in fashion and will stay. The emerald gemstone ring will look perfect on every couple. There’s a pop of color on the top and leads to an elegant look.

Other gemstones and metals –

As an alternative to diamonds, they look out for other jewels and metals. They are bent upon creating something unique for their partners. The styles which are appealing most these days are with the colorful gemstones embedded in classic shapes. The stones which the couples can have for their engagement rings are: Sapphires and tourmaline. It looks modern, timeless, and artful.

Yellow gold –

Yellow gold is also winning the hearts of people. It will complement their everyday style and will also suit their style. The pandemic has led to its increased popularity.


These designs will eventually lead to best selling engagement rings and leave a solid imprint on the overlooker’s mind. These rings will add to your beauty.

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