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The dress, décor, flowers, cuisine, jewellery, decorations, seating, families, and the bride and the groom can all look perfect on the D-day, but it is the skillful shooting, thoughtful composition, expert lighting, eye for the right moment, and a fly-on-the-wall approach that is going to paint the memories as one will look back on their wedding day.

Wedding photographers capture the portraits, moments, and details of the most intimate and memorable moments in someone’s life. While some approach shooting the wedding in a documentarian style, whereas others are all about showing off the sheer romance on screen, weddings can be huge and costly affairs, and across the world, they mostly are. And all things said, wedding photographers could never go out of business, just like love won’t ever go out of existence.

Those who are passionate about capturing someone’s most important moments in life and would love to make a full-time career out of it, the option of working as a professional wedding photographer lies open for the taking. Here’s a guide to standing out in making iconic ‘gram-worthy’ nuptial memories.

Enrolling in a wedding photography course

The very first step towards becoming a professional wedding photographer can start from learning the means of the bazaar through a professional course. Such courses can train students to shoot weddings creatively, choose an innovative pose for couples, handle unpredictable lighting conditions, and provide insights into the highly profitable wedding photography business.

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For an extensive learning experience, it is best to choose a wedding photographer course from world-class institutions like the Pearl Academy. The Professional Wedding & Events Photography course by the academy is a select, one-of-its-kind course that teaches all about conducting wedding shoots in different states across India, and captures pre-event to post-event ceremonies of an Indian wedding at exotic destinations.

Mastering multiple photography styles

Becoming a professional wedding photographer requires understanding and excelling at several photography styles. Wedding scenarios would require the photographer to have a command on portrait and group photography to be able to get candid snaps of the dancing couple and emotionally welled-up family members.

Wedding pictures also need different focal lengths and camera angles, ensuring both people and the decorations smile through the pictures. New trends are also catching up with wedding photography like levitation photography, aerial photography, and cinematography, miniature photography and underwater shoots, etc.

Creating a portfolio/website

A good photography business website showcasing all the great personal work is a must for a wedding photographer. Creating an attractive website with options to contact and hire will help boost the online portfolio. Marketing oneself as a wedding photographer is crucial.

Even when going on-field, a wedding photographer should always have business cards to hand out at weddings and other events to encourage people to visit their online portfolio.

Being a know-it-all about the equipment

Knowing the camera gear well and keeping back up lenses and memory cards are a must-do on a wedding photographer’s list. If you choose a wedding photographer course with Pearl Academy, you will be skilled in design foundation, understanding light, camera, and lenses. Professional wedding photography will require two cameras (one of which is backup), prime and zoom lens, flashgun, memory cards, spare batteries, remote triggers if using flash, grey card, reflector, tripod, and a well-padded camera bag.

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Being able to understand and appreciate someone’s culture can give one an edge when they capture the precious wedding moments. As much as wedding photography is about location scouting or knowing the equipment well, it is also about celebrating the love between two people. As long as one does that and gets the clicks right, nothing can stop them from becoming a successful wedding photographer.


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