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  • Actual History of Halloween – Why Do We Celebrate It October 31?

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The history of Halloween states that the festival was in between the Canadian and US. At that time, the Celts trusted that the dead could visit the living in their houses. Special rites had been conducted to keep the evils at bay. The festivals took place in the evenings. On the days it fells on weekdays, the celebrations would be pushed and took place on the weekends.

The History of Halloween

The history of Halloween festivals takes us back to the ancient Celtics. These festivals were known as the Samhain. Its translation happened until the end of summer. The three-day pagan holiday festival began every October 31 in celebration of the ingathering period. From there, the church took over and replaced the tradition of the Celtic people. Since then, the interns converted to saints. The evening night before the festival was known as all-hallows eve. It happens under the ancient traditions of Samhain. It is Christianity did away with the rites of the Celtic lands. It has been believed that the festivals were replaced with the common today sanctioned church holiday.

Why and how it was celebrated

The festive holiday took place for two main reasons. First, it was a mark to show the end of the summer season and ushering in the longer period of the winter season. Usually, the nights were shorter as compared to the day time. Markedly, that was a pivotal moment of the year since the seasons. During this celebration, people brought their cattle and all sorts of crops. These things were meant to prepare for the incoming winter season and respect to the dead. Both the crops and animals were burnt as sacrifices to the deities. This is was to act as a reminder to the events and sacred burns.

Costumes of the Halloween

halloween dressing up costumes

Halloween Dressing Up Costumes

The Halloween dressing code for both men and women was made. If you were from the same family or for the couple, you were supposed to have a similar theme of your dress code. It was not advisable to have scary costumes. However, it was acceptable to put on anything creative. Most people wore masks. These masks were purposely used to scare away the evil spirits believed to walk around at night. The mask ere made of the animal heads and skins. They believed it was good to look ugly and scary such that it revealed their fortunes. People believed having these costumes on, the ghost would mistake them as their fellow spirit.

Trick treats

Children were supposed to dress up on their costumes during Halloween celebrations. They could go round the neighborhood to trick them. Children played tricks on different households. They could ring doorbells, just when the owner opens they would run away. The person could treat them with candy. Giving out the sweets was one of the ways the people could share. Those from the rich families could buy several candies and then give them out to those who didn’t have them and the less fortunate. Apart from that, they would give the less fortunate money so that they could take to their parents.

Halloween parties

halloween parties celebration

Halloween Parties Celebration

In preparation for the Halloween celebration, they made scary decorations both inside and outside. Friends and relatives were invited. They enjoyed watching scary movies as they spectate their kids’ play the trick-treating games. Masks were compulsory. During the party, the spooky music listened. The Celtics were practicing the games ideas they had seen the Roman traditions. The bobbing for apple games is one among many games they played. You had to participate in some rituals like staring in the mirror. They believed that there was someone who could figure out your future by gazing on the mirror. Writing messages on milk paper was among other weird believes they had.

Halloween celebrations in schools

It would take the whole day for the primary schools to celebrate this day. Children were supposed to decorate their classrooms as expected. Also, they were not supposed to have their school uniforms. Instead, celebration costumes were the best suit for the day. During the middle of the day, children could assemble at the parade. Their parents loved to watch them settled at the parade square. They could then leave for home at the same time. From there, the trick treating would start in their neighborhood.

Carvings and jack-o-lanterns

halloween pumpkin carving

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins were mainly used in the parties. It was the main fruit that was sold highly during this period. Artist carried out the pumpkin carvings. They used them through making them hollow shape. They would then remove their seeds, roast and eat them as snacks during the night of the celebration. The curved parts of the pumpkins were used to be lit with candles during the Halloween nights. That way it was possible to leave them outside to scare the evil away.

At the end, the Celtics were in a position to relate their hearth fires from the bonfires. Soul cakes declared were later encouraged. They renewed the Celtic traditions of leaving the food to the spirits that were rooting around the houses. Rituals within the Celtic cultures were so competing. The illusions relied on the goodwill of the spirits. Their presence was felt.


Despite the dark side of the history of Halloween, the festival has still celebrated. For others, the notions of nature make a conflict to their strict convictions.

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