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  • Dangerous Halloween Food for Your Furry Friends

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  • Published Date: October 27, 2018
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Halloween is among the happiest days in the calendar for both children and adults. There is little not to like about such a day where the main activity is dishing out snacks such as a scary cookie and receiving candy for free! However, in case you own a furry friend, there is a reason for you to be extra cautious on Halloween due to the easy availability of candy.

It is common for pet owners to know that eating candy is not a healthy thing for them to do. However, what most don’t know is that some types of candy, when consumed in large quantities, could be outright fatal. Due to the disastrous outcomes that are tied to such foods, we saw it fit to outline some of the Halloween foods that you should keep away from your furry friends.

1. Chocolate in Halloween Foods



Chocolate is a haven for substances known as methylxanthines that can be potent to pets. When ingested in large amounts, they are known to cause diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, tremors and irregular or rapid heart rates. It is important to note that dark chocolate has the highest concentration of methylxanthines while white chocolate has the lowest levels. However, this doesn’t mean that white chocolate is safe for your pets. The ingestion of just a few ounces of any chocolate is sufficient enough to make your furry friend sick.

2. Coconut Bars

One of the most popular components of Halloween snack food is coconut bars. As much as they are an enjoyable treat to us, they have undesirable effects on pets. Coconut bars have a unique blend of flesh and milk which contains oils which can easily bring about loose stools and stomach upsets to pets. What’s more is that these effects are separate from the consequences of coconut bars` chocolate coating. If you’d like to treat your pet to sweet snacks, choose feeds tailored for them.

3. Nut Bars in Halloween Snack Food

nut bars

Nut Bars

The peanut butter, peanuts and typical almonds that are regularly included in Halloween style candy treats aren’t safe for consumption by pets as compared to the other peanut related treats for pets. This is because the nuts which form part of the best Halloween party ideas are for humans and contain high-fat levels which can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and at times pancreatitis in cats and dogs. Macadamia nuts which can also be present in simple Halloween recipes can also have health hazards to pets. Some of the signs that show in pets which have toxicity from macadamia nuts include joint pain, tremors, weakness, and vomiting.

4. Chips and Pretzels Mini Bags

chips and pretzels

Chips and Pretzels

These aren’t exactly candy treats, but they are regularly given as forms of handouts to trick-or-treaters as part of Halloween foods. The treats themselves have some mild adverse effects on our furry friends, but it is their bags that are more deadly. Most of our pets tend to ingest these treats along with their bags which in turn bring about alarming effects to a pet’s body. They irritate their digestive tracts and at times go as far as obstructing their intestines which lead to the death of your pet! Therefore, if you’d want to avoid such health hazards, ensure that you’re cautious enough to do away with these snacks as much as they may seem to be cool food to make.

So with the above, we now know what not to feed our furry friends. However, this shouldn`t mean that your pet will not get any treat during Halloween. If there`s dog food in Halloween bowl, your dog will be less tempted to try and steal your Halloween snacks that could end up being dangerous.

Have you had any experience with Halloween snacks causing harm to your furry friend? Do you know any treats that can deteriorate a pet`s health? Feel free to share with us below. We value your comments.

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