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  • Pet Food Not People Food: 4 Tips to Train Your Dog Not to Beg

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Every dog owner has gone through the dreaded dog begging at the table. Some of us just ignore it and hope they’ll stop. Others, actually take some steps to ensure that their furry friend doesn’t beg at the table. Here are four tips you can employ to get your dog to stop begging for good.

Stop the Feeding

When dogs beg it can be cute from time to time. However, when they beg all the time, it can be a nuisance. If you want your dog to stop begging at the table, then you need to stop feeding them human food. This means no feeding them from the couch, from your desk, or from anywhere else you find yourself feeding them. They interpret this feeding as a rewarding for the begging, and your dog will not know the difference between begging next to the couch and begging at the dinner table.

Pick A Place for Them to Remain While You Eat

When it’s dinner time, you should be picking a central location for your dog to lay which is away from the table. Instruct your dog to go to their designated spot when you go to sit down for dinner. Ideally, they will stay in this spot every night while your family eats, though in the beginning, they may try to get up to beg at the table.

If they do not stay in that in their spot, then utilize a crate or a simple leash that can be tethered to something solid in your dining room. When they do stay in their spot for the whole meal, you can reward them with a dog treat to encourage further good behavior.

Avoid Eye Contact

Your dog always wants to get your attention, and they know eye contact is the best way to do so. You should work on avoiding eye contact with your pup throughout dinner. This way, you don’t encourage giving them attention. When your dog gets attention, they believe that it is acceptable to beg. Stop the encouragement and they will stop the begging.

Only Feed Your Dog from Their Bowl

Your dog learns by repetition. It can drive you crazy. But, if you stick with it, they’ll learn and you’ll be thankful going into the future. To stop the begging, simply make the pledge to only feed your dog from their bowl. This way, they get in the habit of knowing that their food comes in their bowl.

When you’re trying to train them to stop begging, treats should follow the same rules. When you want to give your dog occasional treats for good behavior, make sure the treats go in their bowl. If you want to feed them dog-friendly human food, then make sure it’s fed to them in their bowl. This will create a good habit they’ll get used to following, and they’ll stop looking for food elsewhere.

While those puppy dog eyes may have you wanting to give in, you know that feeding your dog from the table can create a nasty habit. Teaching your dog from the start not to beg is the best way to prevent it.

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