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  • Favorite African Dishes Using Egg

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In general, the typical and traditional African food is made of a combination of local products such as fruits, cereals, vegetables, milk, and meat. In some parts of the continent, the traditional diet is based on milk and some derivate products made from it. But egg has also its main role in the cooking of some specific African dishes. Here are the three most popular of them.

Chipsimayai, from Tanzania

In Tanzania, the majority of the most famous dishes are inherited from the culinary traditions based on the ugali which is a kind of polenta made of maize flour or cassava flour. The Tanzanian used to serve it with meats, vegetables, or eggs and beans.

The chipsi mayai is one of the staples of the Tanzanian street food that can be served with the ugali. It is a simple dish can is not less tasty. Also known as chips and eggs, the chipsi mayai is an omelet in which French fries have been incorporated.

You can use fresh or whole egg powder to make it. And according to your preferences, you can also add more ingredients including bell peppers or onions within it. The kachumbari sauce is sometimes served with it. It is a sauce made with tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions.

If you happen to go to Tanzania and see a black wok with boiling yellow food in it, this is probably a wok of chipsi mayai.

Eggah from Egypt

Based upon the Mediterranean culinary traditions, the Egyptian dishes mix Arabic dishes, Coptic gastronomy, Levantine ways of cooking, and antic Egyptian tastes. Thanks to this rich culinary background, modern Egyptian gastronomy is tasty, unique, and delicious.

Apart from the vegetarian meals, typical Egyptian dishes include meats (pork, lamb, poultry, and beef), fish, bread, vegetables, and a lot of spices and herbs. The eggah is one of the most appreciated staples based on the egg in Egypt.

It is a kind of heavy omelet that is filled with different ingredients and flavored with various spices. To make an eggah, you need chicken or lamb or leek. To that, you add eggplant, turmeric, cumin but also nutmeg and egg. The result can be served hot or cold and can be sliced in rectangles or in triangles, like pizzas.

Eggah can be eaten as a lunch, with some salads, bread or rice for example. It can also be served as a cocktail. But most of the time, it is eaten during dinner, with soup or a salad and also some bread with fruit.

Shakshouka from Tunisia

Tunisian food is a perfect reflection of the wealth and the beauty of its heritage. The Tunisians of today still use their ancestral techniques and recipes in order to feed daily its little family. For that, the different specialties have long been preserved and are taught for the future generation.

Apart from the famous couscous, the Tunisian serve other delicious staples full of vegetables, meats, bread but also fish and fruits. Tunisian sauces are generally unctuous, generous, tasty, a bit spicy but especially high in flavor.

The shakshouka is a perfect illustration of that rich and flavored gastronomy. It is a dish that gathers eggs and tomato sauce. The whole egg should be poached within a sauce composed of onions, herbs, and tomatoes.

Sometimes, merguez sausage is added to the tomato sauce. Generally, this dish is served hot or cold with some bread, a bowl of rice, or a vegetable salad. Even if it is typical Tunisian food, it can also be served in North America and in the Middle East.

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