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  • Packaged Egg Whites: What’s Really In?

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Presented with a different texture than the fresh white eggs, packaged egg whites are used differently. But as they gather the same properties and specially the same nutrients as the egg whites from the shell, they are more famous and more appreciated by some consumers.

Eating egg whites for more protein

At breakfast, if you aim at eating more protein, you can eat liquid egg white. In fact, they are pure proteins and gather fewer calories. Subsequently, they also supplement less fat for not to say any. In order to prevent wasting the yolks while cracking a fresh egg, investing in a box of liquid egg yolk remains a good option.

Besides, generally, boxed egg whites are made of egg whites. They literally come from cracking whole eggs.

Process of boxed egg whites making

In order to get boxed egg whites, machines crack eggs and separate them into different components. There are then whites, yolks and a whole-egg mixture that has been broken. After that, the components are being pasteurized. In order to eliminate some pathogens, they should be treated with mild heat. That’s the reason why the liquid egg whites derived from the packaged egg white are less viscous than the one you get when you separate it from a yolk at home. Even if the white yolks go through a process of pasteurization, its taste nor its nutrient doesn’t change.

What’s healthier: egg whites or eggs?

It is universally known that pure egg whites are one of the richest and bioavailable sources of protein. Besides, they can easily be incorporated into different recipes. For instance, you can use it for omelets, scrambled eggs but also for baking. If you want to use them to make some smoothies or salads, you can also use them safely. And as these pure egg whites are pasteurized, they can easily be stored.

But as you buy these egg whites, remember that you miss out on the nutrients that are gathered in the yolk. So, you can never get the same nutrients that are within the whole egg such as vitamin D, choline, and iodine that are only present within the yolk. By eating the whole eggs, you get more micronutrients. In reverse, you also eat more cholesterol and saturated fat. This is not the case if you get accustomed to eating liquid egg whites.

Appropriate moments to use packaged egg whites

In theory, boxed egg whites can be used at any time. They are famous to be a great ingredient if you want to make some muffins or waffles. The thing is that they are very easy to measure and remain also simple to bake. That’s also the reason why they are suggested in simple baking. This product is also excellent for making egg sandwiches. In fact, as they are easy to fry, they are spongiest than the whole eggs.

Using liquid egg white to make a healthy breakfast

If you have a box of 100% egg white, make sure you take a healthy breakfast that you can easily prepare every morning. First of all, you can make an omelet. No need to have a whole egg to taste an excellent omelet. You just have to add some vegetables, greens, or bacon to your liquid egg white and you get a tasteful omelet. You can also pour into a blender flour, sugar, cocoa powder, liquid egg white, and milk. After baking, you can get a delicious muffin. You can also add some butter to that batter to get a waffle batter. Second, you can boil or poach some liquid egg white to add to your salad. Light and healthy, this product is also delicious and easy to cook. And finally, never forget that 100% of egg whites are pasteurized products. So, you can incorporate them safely into your crude diets. In fact, if you are used to eating crude eggs, you can also do it with the liquid egg yolk. For instance, you can use this product to make some healthy smoothies or juices with fruits and herbs, and seeds. Ginger, lemon, orange, honey, strawberry, and liquid egg white are to be mixed up if you want a hydrating high protein drink. To be drunk in the morning!

Buying liquid white eggs to prepare some healthy cakes

If you want to make up some homemade cakes, you can also use liquid white eggs. As main advantages, it can be found everywhere and it can also be stored easily and for a long time. The liquid white egg can also be considered a cheap product that can be found every day. After, it is also a practical product that can be easily used in many recipes. In fact, as it is liquid, it can easily be incorporated into the batter that is used for the cake. Generally, it is the egg white that is used to soften the cake. So, it’s not a problem even if there’s no yolk in the batter. It changes neither the taste nor the aesthetics of the final result. You always get a normal cake. Besides, if you avoid using the yolks, you avoid eating the extra fat and the extra cholesterol that is specifically found in the yolk.

As far as the preparation is concerned, make sure to roughly follow the steps that are indicated in the recipe. You can found many types of recipes to make chocolate cake, marble cake, strawberry cakes, banana cakes, etc. Like this, you will be able to bake a healthy and tasty cake. Generally, you should begin by mixing up the egg- there, you use only the white- with the sugar. Once it’s white, add the milk, the yogurt, and the butter. After one to two minutes’ mix, add the flour. When you get a liquid batter, store it in the fridge for 30 minutes. In the meantime, make sure to warm the oven. Once the batter has gained consistency, put it in the baking pot. Now, you can bake the whole for 30 to 45 min.

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