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  • The Top 7 Reasons Why You Don’t Lose Weight Despite Low-Carb And Keto?

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Who does not know it?

It is annoying to lose weight, it can drag on for weeks, months or even years.

You do everything right, but somehow it still doesn’t work – just frustrating.

But maybe you ‘re not doing everything right after all and with a few small changes, whoops, is it going again?

To be too good to be true? – Not at all.

If you pay attention to these 8 sources of mistakes, it will help you with weight loss.

1. Watch your protein

Too much protein is actually the most common mistake.

Many of the low-carbs & keto recipes on the net value exceed the protein requirement for an entire day in one meal.

Protein is of course an important part of your diet and you should definitely meet your protein requirements in order to maintain your muscle mass – especially if you are in a calorie deficit.

However, too much protein is converted back into glucose (sugar) by the body, which is something you absolutely do not want on a low-carbohydrate diet!

0.8g protein per kg of your ideal weight on days without exercise is a cutoff.

1g to a maximum of 1.2g on days with exercise.

Many blogs often suggest 2g per kg of body weight, which is clearly too much.

For a short time only your digestion suffers – but in the long term it can lead to problems with the kidneys and liver.

Too much protein is counterproductive, especially for ketosis. Do you give up carbohydrates just to consume glucose (converted from excess protein)?

2. Eat to fill Stomach

The second most common mistake is definitely too high a calorie deficit!

If you want to lose weight, the first thing to think about is that you have to eat fewer calories. Also, when it comes to diet, less is always more, right?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! In order for your body to want to give up its love handles, you need to give it enough to eat.

The right food, of course, but definitely enough.

Starving him is counterproductive and leads to a deteriorated metabolism.

Scarcity tells your body that it needs to bunker. When you starve your body, you are signaling to it that there is shortage. Your body wants to survive and will become a master in storing, because it doesn’t care that you want to lose weight and there is no danger at all, it just seems that there is not enough food.

This is also the reason why you gain your lost weight so quickly after a diet and even a little more!

This is also the reason why you have to continuously reduce your calories in order not to gain any further.

Who does not know it? You barely eat anything and still don’t lose weight – maybe even gain weight!

You’re careful not to overeat. And that’s exactly where the mistake is. You have to signal to your body that it lives in a healthy land of milk and honey and that everything it needs is available at all times! Then he will also give up the annoying love handles. He then no longer has any reason to carry the excess pounds with him!

A calorie deficit should never be more than 10%. If you are not hungry in a single day and hardly eat anything, that’s not a problem. But it leads to exactly this problem over the long term.

So, eat enough vegetables, fat and protein, but not too much.

3. But don’t eat beyond your hunger!

It is true that with a well-designed low-carb diet, you can eat significantly more calories without gaining weight.

But that does NOT mean that you can eat infinitely.

Many groups have the myth that a ketogenic diet can consume tons of fatty foods.

Then a whole cup of cream is tipped into the coffee that is drunk with a normal meal. Or a whole pack of cheese with berries.

Not only is this a calorie bomb, it’s also a carbohydrate bomb if you are on a keto diet.

Yes, you have to eat enough, but this is not a free ticket for uncontrolled eating behavior!

You don’t have to meticulously count calories, but listen to your body!

Eat slowly. Pay attention to your feeling of hunger. Stop eating as soon as you are full! Don’t eat beyond your hunger even though how much tastier the food is.

Again, it is not a problem if you have a bite too much every now and then at your favorite meal, but that’s not good for the long term.

4. Eat lots of low-carb vegetables

I take these two points together because they often go hand in hand.

Vegetables are important to you. On the one hand because it has a strong effect on your feeling of satisfaction, on the other hand because it is full of important nutrients and vitamins!

For the onset of satisfaction, it is important on the one hand that your stomach is stretched, but on the other hand that you take in enough nutrients.

Vegetables have a high volume with a low amount of calories, making them a wonderful stomach filler.

About half of your plate should be covered with vegetables.

If you are on a ketogenic or low-carb diet, make sure you eat low-carb vegetables.

5. Save on dairy products

Dairy products are relatively high in carbohydrates.

With this you blow up your needs very quickly and there is no more space for vegetables.

Vegetables are not only very important because of their filling effect, but also because of the vitamins and fiber they contain.

The protein requirement is also quickly exceeded with dairy products.

In addition, dairy products trigger cravings in many people.

So, cut down on dairy products instead of vegetables!

6. Good fats are important for your body!

With a low-carb and ketogenic diet, you leave out most of the carbohydrates.

I already explained above that too much protein is not advisable either.

But also consuming too few calories is counterproductive in the desire for weight loss. This means that there is only the fat left that you can screw up to meet your needs sufficiently.

Again, of course, it doesn’t mean that you can spoon an infinite amount of fat, but another common mistake is often too little fat.

For decades we have been mistakenly told that fat is unhealthy and bad. This is also why many people who have understood that good fats are important and healthy, subconsciously are still afraid of fat and avoid it.

If you are always hungry, limp and tired, or if you feel cold regularly, this is a clear sign that you are not fat and that you urgently need to increase your amount of fat. Especially in ketosis, fat is your number 1 energy source and without enough fat, you simply have no energy.

Make sure you consume good fats like: Virgin Coconut Oil, Butter, Ghee, Olive Oil, Avocados, and Avocado Oil.

Avoid inferior, highly heated vegetable fats!

7. Don’t drive yourself crazy!

Stress makes weight loss – worse, it promotes weight gain.

Emotional stress too! If you weigh yourself daily, are dissatisfied with yourself and are scared with every bite, then you are driving yourself crazy! This is a lot of stress for your body, which does the opposite of what you want.

So, banish your scales and don’t weigh yourself more than once a week. Listen to your body, pay attention to what you eat and trust that it will work. This is how you relieve your body of stress and support it in weight loss!

A change in diet is already enough stress for your body because it does not need additional pressure from you so take it easy.

If you want to continue to support your body with weight loss, here’s how you can do it:

5 basics with which you support weight loss!

1. Drink enough water

It is important to drink plenty of water, especially with a low-carb diet.

Make sure you drink at least 2 liters a day. If you don’t drink enough, your body is prone to water retention, among other things. Most people often mistake thirst for hunger. Make sure that you are no longer thirsty and you will want to eat less often.

2. Eat spicy food!

Chili also helps to stimulate your metabolism. Hot spices can also help lower insulin levels. A high insulin level promotes fat storage.

The mild spiciness of ginger can also help, because it also stimulates digestion and helps drainage of the body.

3. Move more in a day

Don’t worry, you don’t have to start a marathon right away, because just a little more activity in your life can make a big difference.

Preferably take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Cover short distances on foot, or take a relaxing walk when you would normally watch TV.

Not only will your weight benefit from it – you will also feel more energetic.

4. Consume enough salt!

With a low-carb and ketogenic diet, your body excretes a lot more salt.

But salt is an important electrolyte that your body needs.

Too much little salt also leads to water retention. In addition, it also leads to worse side effects such as: headache, fatigue, dizziness and constipation. Provide your body with enough salt, at least 2-4g per day.

5. Get enough sleep!

Too little sleep is a stress factor for your body and as you already know, stress is rather unfavorable for weight loss. In addition, adequate and restful sleep is important for a balanced hormone balance, which plays an important role in regulating your weight.

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