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Getting into ketosis and maintaining it is probably not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, but following some guidelines from Konscious Keto may help you achieve you this goal in no time! Ketosis does not happen overnight, but there are several ways for you to achieve ketosis quickly, while still in a healthy manner.

In this article, you will get five “shortcuts” to ketosis, and using either one of them will help you reach it in a rather short period, but all of these combined will do wonders for your health!

Try Fasting for a Day or Two

Before starting cutting out carbs and sugars from your diet, the best thing to cut out is the food itself. Fasting for up to 48 hours is the number-one shortcut to ketosis because our bodies enter this state even in short periods of time we spend without any food intake. This means that you get into mild ketosis in the period between breakfast and dinner!

Fasting is a way of cleansing your body of toxins, widely used both in many religions and in treatments of severe illnesses. It helps to get your body ready for the sudden change in its primary fuel source, alleviating some of keto flu’s symptoms, and resulting in your optimal physical performance!

Reducing Your Carb Intake in a Healthy Way

This may not even seem like a tip for getting into ketosis, because you’d assume that reducing your carb intake is a given when it comes to keto diets, right? Well, you are both right and wrong on this one.

Of course, minimal carb intake is one of the musts of ketogenic diets, but aggressively cutting out your carb intake may cause some side effects. You may begin experiencing digestive problems, insomnia, and keto flu. The way to avoid this and healthily get into ketosis is to try to introduce this change in your metabolism gradually, rather than making it a drastic change.

Once you get into ketosis and go on about your ketogenic diet, you will want to maintain a carb intake of 20 to maximum 50 grams of net carbs per day. Now that you know that this is your goal, you may want to start reducing your carb intake day by day, rather than cutting it off all of a sudden. This is one of the healthiest ways to get into ketosis, though probably not the fastest.

Include an Exercise Regime in Your New Diet

Daily exercise has many benefits for your health, mostly since it causes your body to burn out its glycogen stores, and thus start producing more ketones for you to use as a primary fuel source. But there is a catch to it because exercising before and after your meal have different outcomes. The thing about it is that if you exercise after your meal, you will have some benefits from it, which may include improved circulation, well-balanced blood pressure, an increase in endorphins, etc.; but exercising before your meal will have all of these benefits – and more!

Studies have proven that exercising before a meal stimulates ketone production and increases it by up to 300%! This will not only help you get into ketosis but also maintain it as you continue on your path to health.

tips for getting into ketosis quickly

Tips for Getting into Ketosis Quickly

Balanced Protein Intake is a Must

Coming hand-in-hand with exercising, a well-balanced daily intake of proteins will help your muscles recover more efficiently, and improve your liver converts these proteins into glucose that is essential for some of your organs, as well as blood cells that cannot function using only ketones as fuel. Your brain, kidneys and red blood cells will thank you for it! Not only will you have these benefits from maintaining a balanced protein intake, but you will also be able to gain muscle more efficiently.

Coconut Oil is Your New Best Friend

We all know that coconut oil is a blessing whichever way you use it, but in means of any of the ketogenic diets, it is a lifesaver! The reason why it is such an essential part of keto diets is that it contains MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, healthy fats that are easily absorbed and can have two uses – the first one being that they can be used as a fuel source the moment they enter your metabolism, or they can later be converted into ketones by your liver.

The use of coconut oil while cooking is also beneficial when it comes to your reduced carb intake because it helps induce ketosis without an aggressive restriction of carbs. Who knew that something that tasty and savory could be that healthy at the same time?

You’ve got all the information you need about starting your keto diet and using these healthy ways to induce ketosis is guaranteed to be a success!

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