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  • Carpet Cleaning: DIY v/s Professional – Which is the best option?

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Carpets speak volume of your capability as a homemaker; clean & tidy carpets not only enhance the beauty of your home but also facilitate mental & physical well being. Timely vacuuming can be a way of maintaining carpets but in order to get rid of stains & microbes on the surface it is crucial to opt for carpet cleaning services.

Perth is a huge town and almost all home/office owners face carpet problems due to its regular use. Many of them opt for DIY cleaning since they know how to clean carpet, but merely knowing is not enough. The damage caused due to accumulation of dirt & dust, pets, mold & mildew, or even accidents around carpet can be efficiently restored with professional carpet steam cleaning.

DIY v/s Professional carpet cleaning services-

Before digging into the pros & cons of DIY’s and Professional cleaning it is vital to understand that both methods, if done appropriately, have their own benefits; and there are certain factors that help determine what suits your needs.


  • Professional: The most important factor to consider is the convenience that professionals serve. You can book their services as per your schedule & they will do the job without causing any disturbance to you; you can be as involved as you want except when determining the cost. Professional treatment for your carpets helps you save time & energy.
  • DIY: While in DIYS you are the one doing the job; you end up wasting your weekly off from work in cleaning carpets. Moreover, carpet cleaning is a challenging task. You have to put in a lot of energy as compared to that of hiring professionals.


  • Professional: They are armed with high tech equipment like dehumidifiers, steamers, cleaner, water extractors etc that can efficiently clean your carpets. Their machines are up-to-date and give 100% results when it comes to carpet steam cleaning perth.
  • DIY: You might end up using the regular vacuum machine to extract dirt from the carpet. Besides, the machines you rent for carpet cleaning may or may not be as good as professional ones in removing stains & eliminating bacteria from your carpet.

Cleaning agents-

  • Professional: Experts use environmental friendly cleansers in the carpet steam cleaning process. They have knowledge of what chemical or cleanser can give better results on different types of stains. At times professional even use combination of two different detergents for better results, especially for old stain removal.
  • DIY: Homeowners often end up trying home remedies or products available in departmental stores. These products serve no guarantee of stain removal; in fact the bleaching agents & alkaline contents end up damaging your favorite carpet with discoloration.

Eradication of germs-

  • Professional: Professional carpet steam cleaning ensures 100% eradication of germs, pollens and microbes that exist deep inside the fabric. Complete eradication of harmful bacteria leads to reduction in spread of harmful diseases like sinusitis, skin allergies, illness, asthma, eczema etc.
  • DIY: Cleaning carpet at home does not ensure complete germ eradication. Since there is a lack of resourceful tools & expertise; the germs lying deep inside the fabric remain intact and later grow rapidly to cause a perilous outbreak of transmittable diseases in your household.


  • Professional: With high tech dehumidifiers professionals can dry your carpet within a few hours of the carpet cleaning service. Perth’s experts also use equipments to check moisture levels to ensure that the carpet has dried completely so it can be placed back to its original position.
  • DIY: The work here is done a lot slower than expected. It can take days for the carpet to dry; meanwhile due to humidity there are chances of mold growth & development and pests’ infestation if a partially dried carpet is brought to use.


  • Professional: They are trained & backed with years of experience in carpet cleaning; performing carpet steam cleaning is their everyday thing and hence they understand the fabric and its requirements better than anyone else. With vast experience they provide exceptional carpet cleaning & restoration to clients.
  • DIY: Even though you know how to clean carpets or have tools needed to perform the task your lack of experience may lead to damage to your carpet. hence it is pivotal to leave a critical task like carpet cleaning services in Perth to the experts.

Cost of cleaning-

  • Professional: Most people assume that carpet cleaning will cost them an arm & a leg. Carpet cleaning is a one-time investment; you can avail the services every 6 months. Professionals try to serve cost effective carpet cleaning services in Perth.
  • DIY: Unlike professional treatment you might need to do carpet cleaning again & again. It may seem cost effective but unsatisfactory results & possibility of damage may lead to carpet replacement which is again a costly affair.


  • Professional: Professional carpet steam cleaning has a long lasting effect on carpets. Treatments like carpet restoration, deodorization & carpet conditioning help regain the beauty of your carpets.
  • DIY: On the other hand home remedies can damage the carpets and the effect fades after a month. Carpets end up looking dirty & ugly; in some cases the home remedies also cause the carpets to stink.

Carpets add life to your home; for a healthy & fruitful life, it is vital to live in a hygienically safe & well sanitized space. Spotlessly clean carpets ensure stable mental & physical well being. Therefore if you want unmatched results along with utmost convenience availing professional carpet cleaning services in Perth is highly decisive.

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