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  • How to Clean Your House Effortlessly

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If you are a messy person, this article can be a total life changer! Let’s be honest, nobody likes cleaning. It seems like a total waste of time, and you may even think: Why should we fold our clothes if we’re going to use them again tomorrow? Why am I’m bothering making the bed if I’m going to mess it up tonight? Well, it all comes to being organized. It’s the old dilemma: No one likes to keep their house clean but everyone likes it tidy. Studies show that a messy environment can really have a negative impact on your mental health and because house maintenance can be a challenge for most people, I’m here to end up with that idea.

There are some daily basis habits that can really change your life and your mood, as well as being amazingly effective in keeping a clean and tidy house, without needing that much of an effort.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

First thing in the morning: Make your bed! It’s scientifically proved that this effortless act will increase your productivity and kick off the day with a happier and more positive view on the tasks at hand. An unmade bed, not only creates a messy place physically but also mentally, so by making it first thing in the morning it will be easier to clean the room later and it will save you some precious time when you come home late from work.

Put Things Back in Their Right Place

Word of advice: After you finish using them, never leave things where they don’t belong, but always place them in their usual spot! If every time I end up using one thing, instead of putting it in the right place I leave it on the floor, or on top of a countertop, I’ll be spending valuable time and effort looking for it because it wasn’t in the place where it should be. This spiritual mantra has saved me actual cleaning time a few days a week. You’ll be surprised by how putting things in their right place can totally change your cleaning habits, and how it ultimately helps you clean your house faster and more effortlessly.

Organize Your Cleaning Methods

Use better systems in your cleaning routine. You can save up 15 minutes of your cleaning time if you work on your daily mess it a bit, each day, or you can always try out binge-cleaning – one day, every week. It’s your call!

I recommend the first method because if you have some 15 minutes of spare time each day, you can dedicate yourself to clean and organize your apartment without that much effort – trust me, if put your favorite jam on, you won’t even notice the time flying by! Believe it or not, it has proved to be a stress-reliever activity. Keep it simple, do a run check through certain areas and surfaces or a quick vacuuming on your floors. If you’re finding it difficult to get those 15 minutes, physically and mentally, there are some helpers that might come in handy – even more when it comes to thick carpets! Hear me out: Getting yourself the best robotic vacuum for thick carpet can change your routine, and your life. Just turn them on and leave them in your house, as they’ll easily get the job done! If you’re interested in the best ones, on the market, at the moment, click here.

Start From ‘Top-Bottom’ to Your ‘Left-Right’

By doing remembering this technique you can get back to your personal agenda in no time. I’ve often used these cleaning hacks, and they surely helped me clean up faster and more effectively. If you start cleaning from top to bottom, you certainly won’t have to go back and re-clean the areas you’ve finish mopping. By starting from the windows, dust will fall down on countertops and floors, so put them in second place on your wipe down list. Cleaning from ‘Left to Right’ you’ll ensure yourself that you have covered up all areas, instead of jumping from one to another, as you can easily miss a spot.

Ready? Set. Clean!

As you can see, it’s not rocket science! Cleaning your house can be a major improvement in a large variety of aspects of your life, including your mental health. A clean and tidier environment will certainly put you in a good mood every morning and help you rest comfortably and peacefully in your bed after a harsh day at work. By using these hacks in your daily life you’ll start looking around your place and wondering how did it got that clean!

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