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  • The Best Way to Store Your Hunting Clothes

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After the hunting season is over, it’s time to put your clothes away for many months until the next season.

To ensure this process goes smoothly, we’ve put together a few tips so that your hunting clothes will all be ready for you with no hassles on the day you need to pull them out of storage at the start of the next season.

1. Prepare Your Washing Machine

This is a step many hunters often miss, so we’re including it here as the first tip. Before packing all your clothes away for the year, you’ll want to give them all a thorough wash. Before doing that, you need to ensure that your washing machine is ready. First, run a cycle using washing machine cleaner, and then run at least one more cycle on empty.

2. Take Care When Washing and Drying Your Clothes

As you may be used to doing, wash all your gear using baking soda or scent-eliminating detergent. Another tip here is to turn your hunting clothes inside out to limit fading when they’re being washed. When drying your clothes, you should allow them to air-dry naturally. Throwing your clothes in a dryer may save time, but it is not the best thing to do to care for your clothes. Hanging them to dry is always best. If you must use a dryer, then place some scent-elimination dryer sheets along with the load.

3. Find a Suitable Space for Storage

Your hunting gear is an investment, and you should be able to use the clothes, again and again, each season. It really makes sense to create a dedicated space to store them. The storage space you find should be indoors, ideally, as storing this kind of gear in an outside shed or a damp garage will affect the lifetime of your gear. When storing your hunting clothes, opt for a climate-controlled space. If you don’t have enough space in your own home, you could consider renting a small self-storage unit where you know the temperature is regulated.

4. Inspect your Gear and then Repair or Replace

Before putting your clothes away for another season, you should pay attention to the condition of each item. Check for any rips, fading, wear and tear. Make sure everything is intact before putting it away. Now is the best time to get any repairs done, as you won’t need to use the clothes for a long while. There’s no point in putting damaged clothes away, so either repair or replace them before storing. Great British Outfitters has Seeland clothing for sale, which would make a decent replacement for any items that need replacing.

5. Create an Inventory and Keep Organised

There are several ways of placing your clothes into storage so that they are kept organised, but since you won’t be accessing the gear for a long while, it is best to create an inventory so that you know exactly what you’re storing there until you need to pull them out. First, lay everything out and make a list, and then as you put each item away tick them off the list until everything has been smartly stored. Some people like to keep this inventory as a file on their computer, others a hard copy in an accessible place, for example, stuck to the inside of a wardrobe door.

Hopefully, you can keep your hunting clothes more organised in the off-season by following these five steps.

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