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  • Why the Dual Cab Tray is Superior to the Single Cab Tray for Your 4×4

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Featured Image Caption: Dual Cab Ute Trays

Dual cab alloy tray at ezToolbox are significantly larger than single cab trays. This means you can haul more cargo, like an ATV or dirt bikes, in the back of your truck. It also means the tray size is large enough to fit a toolbox and other equipment. The larger cargo space also allows you to carry the necessary tools and equipment for working out in the field. Furthermore, dual cab ute trays offer extra seating space in the rear. This allows you to transport workers and crew members to and from job sites.


With extra seating comes extra safety for passengers riding in the back of your truck. Dual cab ute trays come with extra safety precautions, like tail lights and brake lights, that allow for safer driving on the road. It’s important to remember that if you’re hauling passengers in the back of your truck, those passengers need to be properly buckled in with seat belts.

Single cab ute trays don’t have enough room to accommodate additional passengers or much cargo capacity beyond what can fit in the cabin area of the vehicle itself. This means there is no safer alternative for transporting crew members or workers on a job site other than using multiple vehicles which increases fuel costs and reduces productivity.

Single Cab

Single cabs are the most common type of Ute, with a small cabin section that can only fit two passengers and a large tray behind. The benefit of this style is that the tray is larger, allowing for more carrying capacity. This is great for tradespeople who want to carry more equipment or for those who use their Ute for commercial purposes.

Dual Cab

The dual cab is the newer version of the Ute, featuring a full-sized cabin that can fit up to five passengers, with a smaller tray attached to the back. The main advantage of this style is that it allows you to take your family on weekend trips while also giving you enough space in the back to carry around cargo such as camping, fishing, or surfing equipment.

A dual tray is designed with an extended rear section that provides extra storage behind the cab of your 4×4. The rear storage area can be used to house a fridge, firewood, recovery gear, or a first-aid kit.

A dual tray also has the added benefit of accommodating more people. This is especially handy for those who need to seat a lot of people on a regular basis and want the versatility to carry their gear with them on the back of their car.

Dual Cab Tray vs Single Cab Tray: Which Should You Choose?

A dual cab has two rows of seats with space for up to six people — two in front and up to four at the back. On the other hand, a single cab can only accommodate two passengers in total. A dual cab 4×4 ute also has a bigger storage capacity than a single cab, so it’s more convenient if you need to carry larger items around.

Another benefit of having a dual cab is that you can take more people with you on road trips or business trips.

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