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  • Benefits of Trophies and Medals Distribution

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Whether you are hosting a competition for the students of your school, or if there is the year end time at the office to give the award for the best employee of the year, or it is a family get together and you are adding awards just to spice up the fun element, trophies and medals are the best way to make the event more interesting and competitive. Right from wooden to metallic engravings, pastel colored to distinct wooden shades and polished varieties, there are multiple designs and materials that are used to make trophies and medals. They can also be customized now, with congratulatory messages and pictures to commemorate the success of an individual. These have been in use since years in schools and offices, but they are now being added to parties and other social gatherings.

Some of The Benefits of Distributing Such Trophies and Medals Are:

1. Increases the Competitive Spirit:

Trophies and medals have a traditional notion of being a more attractive prize for an achievement. It is an ultimate prize for anyone who has achieved any sort of success. Moreover, it is capable of being stored and added to one’s home and remains a permanent record of an achievement. Hence, all these reasons make it a major source of increased competitive spirit amongst the participants. It works as a direct incentive for them and then they work much harder and strive to gain this ultimate prize. This encourages employees and students to work for their overall betterment.

2. Increases Confidence and Morale:

Trophies and medals are also a source of increasing the confidence of the participant. A participant who has his or her confidence on the lower side will work to attain this and if he or she wins it then it will become a persistent morale booster for the other upcoming events. It increases the motivation of the participant and builds a positive environment around him or her. This is another benefit of using them.

increases confidence and morale

Increases Confidence and Morale

3. Recognition:

Another reason why using them is beneficial is because they provide the most important virtue of recognition to the participant. This recognition can be in the form of recognition of effort and also in the form of recognition of the person itself. It removes the anonymity attached to the winner and other people start treating them with greater respect and praise.

4. Increases Motivation:

Motivation is the push or the stimulus to induce a person to do something towards what his needs are. Thus, it is clear that without motivation, one does not bring out one’s best performance. But when a participant realizes that the trophies and medals will be up for grabs for the winner, his needs will induce him to perform to his top level, or in simpler words, he will be motivated to get it. Hence here the arousing of motivation serves as a leading factor for better performance. This is especially important for group activities on a large scale.

increases motivation

Increases Motivation

5. Adds Professionalism:

Because it has become such a common trend to honor the achiever with trophies and medals, a sort of a sign of professionalism to do so has been added to the competition. It has become a practice to show one’s professional nature by awarding the winners with the trophies and medals while hosting the event and maintaining a similar image. This is another major advantage of distributing them in competition.

These are the major benefits of distributing trophies and medals in competition. Now for many corporate gatherings, school, dance and music club prize distributions people opt for different types of customized versions of trophies and medals to add elegance and special contributions to their success stories.

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