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  • 5 Reasons Why People are Given Trophies

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Many organizations have adjusted to the motivation of the “trophy generation” by rewarding those who achieve the highest level with a trophy. Trophies are of different shapes and sizes, yet this practice is not new; it dates back to ancient civilizations. Different cultures have valued different awards or accomplishments, but the trophy has remained a symbol of achievement. In today’s society, awards are given to those who reach a certain milestone or perform a job perfectly in sports, academia, government, education, and beyond.

As an Incentive to Work Harder

A trophy as an award motivates people to work hard and achieve success. They may not be given if they don’t perform their duties well, but the thought of receiving a trophy in the future creates a drive for those who want to improve themselves. For instance, students who know they will receive a trophy if they reach the top of their class are more likely to study hard to achieve the best grades. Also, when other team members know that a winner will be rewarded with a trophy, they will put more effort into their performances. The trophy is a constant signal that those who achieve the goal will be given the recognition they deserve. The trophies are not given randomly but are awarded to those who excel in the job.

As an Appreciation of Good Deeds

A trophy is awarded to those who have done something above and beyond expectations. It is given as a compliment to good deeds, such as those who donate blood or help the needy. For instance, organizations give awards to those who have significantly helped others. Peace awards are given to future leaders who have made a difference in their communities in ways that benefit the public. Others may be given because they were once a part of an esteemed organization, and receiving a trophy symbolizes appreciation for the work and service provided by these people. Appreciating someone for their service through the award of a trophy is said to be an act of kindness.

As a Reward for Achievements

A trophy can also be awarded as a reward for achievements completed by the individual. Many people are given trophies because they have been successful in some aspects of their lives. For instance, many people receive trophies for completing a degree or finishing their race in the top three; it serves as recognition that they are good at what they do, and these individuals take pride in that fact. Athletes may receive trophies as a reward for their performances, especially if they have achieved a milestone or are being rewarded for their aggressive nature. Custom trophies are given to the winners of a specific competition and are treasured by those who receive them.

To Encourage Employee Retention

Employees are often given a trophy to motivate them to stay with their employers for long periods. The thought of getting a trophy serves as a symbol for the employee to continue working hard, taking pride in their job and performance. It is also a way to tell employees they are appreciated and recognized by the company. Organizations with well-defined awards systems are likely to have lower turnover rates than those that do not recognize and appreciate employees’ contributions. Employees will likely stay in an organization that appreciates their work and contributions. The reward system for employees may not be monetary, but it can help boost morale and give the individual a sense of personal satisfaction.

To Enhance Brand Image

A trophy is often given to an individual who has promoted a brand or organization. For instance, an individual may be given a trophy for creating a new product, gaining recognition for their good looks, or winning a race. An award of this kind can help boost an individual’s confidence and can also be a way to increase sales in the organization as well as spread awareness about the company to its clients and customers. A company that is known for being generous and supportive towards its employees will usually be able to extend this same award system to its customers so that they can also be appreciated for patronizing the brand.


Trophies are symbols of excellence and standing out from the rest of the crowd. They are awarded to those who have accomplished something significant by giving them a name, symbolizing their existence and importance. Organizations with a well-established awards system are likely to have lower turnover rates than those without recognizing and appreciating employees’ contributions.

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