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  • Commonly Overlooked Tasks You Need to Maintain Rental Property

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Whether you rent a residential space or a commercial one, you enjoy certain benefits from doing so. You’re not locked into permanent ownership, you can avoid certain tax obligations, and many maintenance matters are not your responsibility. However, you’re not totally off the hook from maintenance, as you should know commonly overlooked tasks you need to maintain a rental property.

Keep Things Clean

Your primary obligation is going to be keeping everything clean. While everyone might have different ideas of what they consider clean, you basically need to make sure you are taking out the trash regularly, not leaving unsanitary conditions that could make people sick, and aren’t creating anything inviting for rodents and pests. Even a rental space you’re not actively using should be swept out once a month or so and looked in on. Also, use subsystems properly at all times, be they plumbing, HVAC, electrical, or otherwise.

Fix Up Things After Your Dance Classes

Whether you do dance classes in your basement or a commercial studio, there’s going to inevitably be damage. The flooring might get hurt from all the foot traffic, and just having people coming and going can create wear and tear on entryways. You might even see your bathrooms break down faster than usual from so many people using them. Identify things that need to be fixed, and then make plans on correcting them. Just make sure you keep in communication with your landlord or property owner about what you’re going to do. Fixing things up will usually be fine by them, but property changes might not be okay.

Notify Your Landlord When Necessary

When something happens that would fall under your landlord’s responsibilities, you can expect them to take care of it. If you are in a condo, you may have access to the condo 24-hour maintenance. However, your landlord, or maintenance person, needs to know of any repairs needed sooner than later. You still have a responsibility for communicating with them about the needs and condition of the property before they can make arrangements for it to be fixed. You might also need to let them know if the contractors or technicians they send out don’t actually get the work done properly at the time.

Interior Paint and Carpet

A big part of maintaining a rental property is making sure that it is obviously suitable for people to live there. From keeping things clean to replacing old non-working parts, a lot of it can be planned for, including a paint job and carpet cleaning or replacement. Something that is very overlooked is throwing up a fresh coat of paint every few years. This helps freshen up the home, both inside and out, but it can quickly help bring the rental into a different era, even without changing much on the outside. Today’s modern color palettes are complexly simple with their whites and grays. A decade ago or more it was the tans and whites. The change may be subtle, but will completely change how a home feels, even for renters.

The other aspect of a home, rental or not, is carpet or flooring. The carpet does have an expiration date, after which both the carpet and the carpet pad should be replaced. You can have it cleaned as many times as you’d like, but there are some things that will never go away. Things wear out, and that is ok. Knowing that can help you set funds aside to have it replaced as needed.

Even though using a rental space does mean a lot of property ownership or management responsibilities are not your concern, you still have to do some things. Keeping a place clean, fixing damages resulting from your presence, and keeping utilities working are common things that sometimes get neglected.

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