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Junk files on Mac devices take up much storage space on the Mac hard drive. Therefore, the device runs gradually or gets frozen sometimes. You must remove the junk files to optimize your Mac performance and keep it in the best state. Hence, in this post, we will share a detailed tutorial regarding How to Clean Junk Files on a Mac.

Before proceeding further with the cleaning procedure, you should know what junk files are and how they are created. Well, junk files are temporary and removal files mainly created by the system utilities and apps you install on your Mac device. Junk files get generated when you start up your Mac device and run the software.

So, junk files are system and software cache files, system log files, app leftovers, Xcode junk files, user log files, etc. Also, duplicate files, useless app installers, and other unneeded files are considered junk. Now, you know what junk files are and how they take up extra space on your device, let’s look at how to clean them.

Manual Methods of Cleaning Junk Files on Mac Devices

There are several manual methods to clean junk files on Mac. Some of the effective manual methods are the following.

Method 1: Clean Cache Files on Mac

Cache files are created automatically when you open a program on your Mac device. These files reduce the loading time when you use the same app next time. Thus, it speeds up and smoothens the app’s work. But if you don’t clean the cache files, the files affect the device’s performance and make app errors.

Follow the below steps to clean caches from your Mac device!

Step 1. First, launch the Finder.

Step 2. Then move to the top Finder menu bar and select Go > Go to Folder.

Step 3. Type ~/Library/Caches into the pop box and hit Return. Thus, you can open the caches folder.

go to folder popup

Go To Folder Popup

Step 4. Now, press Command + A to select all file folders in the cache folder and drag them to Trash. If you don’t want to delete all of them, choose caches of certain apps and move them to Trash.

Step 5. Finally, remove all the cache files from Trash to completely clean up them from your Mac device.

Method 2: Uninstall Unused Apps and App Installers

Presently, there are a lot of apps across various industries. If you have downloaded some apps you don’t use, they become junk files for that device. It will be better if you remove them entirely from your Mac device and free up more space. Also, if you ever keep some app installers after finishing the installations, make sure to delete the app installers as well.

To uninstall unneeded apps, follow the below steps!

Step 1. First, you should open Finder > the Application folder.

Step 2. Then, you need to right-click the app and click Move to Trash.

application move to trash option

Application Move to Trash Option

Step 3. Now, you can permanently remove the app from the Trash and follow the way mentioned above to clean up the leftovers of the deleted app.

Follow the below steps to remove the app installers on Mac!

Step 1. First, open the folder where the app installer is located, usually in the Downloads folder in Finder.

Step 2. Then, you must select the app’s PKG or DMG file and move it to Trash.’

Step 3. Finally, you can empty your Trash.

Method 3: Remove Leftover Files of Deleted Apps

App developers usually don’t want users to remove their software entirely from their devices. They always look for users’ reinstallation. Therefore, most third-party apps remain leftovers on your Mac even after getting deleted. However, removing the leftover files of deleted apps is vital to clean junk files on Mac.

To find and clear up the leftovers of deleted apps on your Mac, follow the below steps!

Step 1. First, open Finder and click Go from the top Finder menu bar.

Step 2. Then, press the Option key to show the library folder on the Go dropdown menu. Here, you need to click Library simultaneously to open the Library folder.

caches screen

Caches Screen

Step 3. Next, you need to click the search button at the upper right corner of the Library folder window and type the name of the deleted app.

Step 4. Now, you can delete the available files or folders of the deleted app.

Step 5. Finally, repeat the steps to remove the leftovers of all deleted apps.

How to Clean Junk Files on Mac with Cleanup My System

Mac’s performance can be cleaned with the Best Junk File Cleaners for Mac. We have tried, tested, compared and listed Cleanup My System as the Best Junk Files Cleaner for Mac. This professional Mac cleaner lets you quickly find and remove junk files. Also, it helps to manage login items, analyze disks, and uninstall programs without leaving leftovers. Thus, Cleanup My System enhances the speed of your Mac and improves performance.

cleanup my system software screen

Cleanup My System Software Screen

Why Use Cleanup My System

There are several reasons to use Cleanup My System, however, these reasons are remarkable.

Reclaim Wasted Storage Space

Instead of manually cleaning user cache files, you can find and clean the cache files, user log files, and other unwanted items with Cleanup My System. This Mac cleanup utility ideally helps to free up space and enjoy a clutter-free Mac in no time.

cleanup my system software in progress

Cleanup My System Software In Progress

Junk Cleaner

With Cleanup My System, you can trim down junk in Xcode, unwanted and unused disk images, and broken preferences that take up unnecessary space on the device.

Trash Cleaner

You should remember that moving files to Trash doesn’t mean that those files are permanently deleted from Mac. You can use the Trash Cleaner module to remove such files and recover gigabytes of wasted storage space.


Here, we have mentioned the best possible ways to clean junk files on Mac. You can go with the manual steps for junk cleaning purposes. Otherwise, to save more time, you can opt for Cleanup My System for its excellent service and efficiency.

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