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  • 7 Tips on Saving Money by Washing Your Car at Home

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Many often wonder if it is possible to save money by washing their car at home. Washing your car or truck at home is a great way to save money and have a little fun. You will also avoid the time spent driving around town trying to find a place that offers a cheaper price. Here are a few tips that could make your car washing experience at home more cost-efficient and effective.

Only Use High-Quality Car-Wash Products

Many common household products, such as dishwashing liquid, and laundry detergents, are overly abrasive and might damage your car’s wax or protective coating. If you have not washed your car in a long time and it’s covered in grime like bugs, tar, or rust, you should invest in a truck wash kit that includes various high-quality home cleaning agents.

These cleaning kits typically contain cost-effective cleaning products such as foam cannon, a spray bottle of tar and bug removers, and a liter of Wash and Wax shampoo or detergent.

The wash and wax detergent gives your car or truck a showroom shine while also protecting its paint with protective wax. The bug and tar remover is also effective and won’t damage any car or truck surfaces. In a short time, you can effortlessly make your bug-covered car look new with wash and wax detergent.

Avoid Scratching Your Vehicle

Your car’s paint could get scratched if you wipe the dirt and grime off the tires and wheels. Choosing wheels and rim cleaning materials that won’t damage your car if you go that route is also essential. Unfortunately, some of the more aggressive tire formulae or cleaning materials can damage the protective coat on some vehicles.

Wash Your Car Frequently, Especially On Hot Days

Washing your car on hot days will prevent it from getting severely damaged and the need to repaint or even replace a panel. It’s best to wash your car while it’s warm outside to reduce the formation of stains and streaks from the drying soap and water mixture.

Apply Horizontal and Underneath Cleaning

The soft sponge should get dragged in a linear fashion rather than a crisscrossing motion. Surface swirl marks or scratches can be left on your automobile if you scrub it in a circular motion.

It’s also advisable to remember to clean underneath the vehicle before you begin wiping it down. Be sure to remove any particles that may raise more dust during a wash process, like sand, dirt, and shards of glass.

Mix Your Cleaning Solution Properly

Overwashing will damage your car’s paint surface, but under washing is equally harmful to the clear coat. Always use enough combination of soap and water when washing your car. Don’t leave soap residue on your car at all costs.

Rinse the Automobile Well Before Washing

Keep your sponge or washcloth sudsy while you wash the car, and focus on washing one portion of the automobile at a time before moving on to the next. Make sure you are not washing mud onto already-cleaned areas by working from the top down.

Allow water from your hose to trickle down the area from above to clean it. As you clean, constantly rinse your cloth or fabric. Please use a separate pail of water for this rinsing process.

Dry the Surface by Hand

When you are done washing the truck, you will need to dry it by hand if you want water spots to stay intact.

For surface smoothness, use a microfiber towel. Again, to avoid scratching the surface, blotting is preferable to rubbing. If you opt to use a scraper, get one that is flexible and smooth, and keep an eye out for dirt, which, if caught in your paint scraper strokes, can cause scratches.


Following these tips, you can safely wash your car at home and save money. Remember, don’t use any products that contain a petroleum distillate base, as these will damage your car’s paint job in the long run. Most of the time, using a soft brush instead of a sponge-like brush will reduce visible scratches and help preserve your car’s paint job.

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