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  • How to Sanitize the Most Germ-ridden Places in Your House

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When you want to have a clean home that doesn’t have any germs, there are several things that you must sanitize. There are some things that you have in a house that are covered with disgusting germs, and these items require a specialized cleaning process. But how do you safely clean these areas, and which areas are they? Below, find a list of the most germ-infested parts or appliances in your house and methods to sanitize them. Use these methods to keep the most germ-ridden items in your home clean and safe to use.

The Can Openers in Your Home’s Kitchen

You likely have at least one can opener in your home’s kitchen, and this item can become dirty quickly. In addition to having bacterial growth on the sharp blade that cuts through into the cans of food, you could be touching the handle of the item with dirty hands. You can wash a handheld can opener in hot soapy water before placing it in a dish drainer to dry. If you have an electric can opener, then you should learn how to remove the cutting blade attachment to wash it according to the directions that were included with the appliance. Keeping the can openers sanitized can prevent foodborne illnesses.

Washing Dishcloths and Sponges

If you are washing pans, dishes and utensils with a dirty sponge or dishcloth, then you are adding germs to the items. When you also use the same dishcloth or sponge to wash a stove or the countertops in your kitchen, the items are filthy. It is essential to sanitize dishcloths or sponges by washing the items in hot water. You can wash dishcloths in a sink or a washing machine, and you may want to add bleach to the water. For sponges, you can soak the items in a mixture of hot water and bleach in a sink. Sponges can also be soaked with water and placed in the microwave for 30 seconds for a quick heat bath that will kill germs.

Keeping a Refrigerator Sanitized

An important part of refrigerator maintenance is keeping the appliance sanitized. First, remove everything from the appliance, making sure to store the food from the freezer and the cooling section in a container that is filled with ice. You can also remove the shelves and drawers from the refrigerator to wash the interior of the appliance. It is possible to wash the racks and drawers in a sink, making sure to remove any hardened food debris from the crevices of the items. You can also consider looking into professional services to make sure your refrigerator is running smoothly and keeping food at the right healthy temperatures so bacteria and germs don’t grow inside it.

Sanitizing the Cutting Boards in Your Kitchen

You should sanitize the cutting boards in your home frequently to avoid contaminating foods with the debris from other foods. Experts recommend using easy to clean cutting boards along with having a separate one for meat and for other foods, such as fruit and vegetables. It is better to avoid wooden cutting boards that can absorb liquids, and if you select dishwasher-safe cutting boards, then it is simple to sanitize the items.

Last, you should use a paper towel soaked in hot water and cleanser to wash the handles and knobs on the cabinet drawers and doors of your kitchen.

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