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  • 5 Tips for Waterproofing Your House

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Homeowners need to protect their homes from many things: the deterioration of age, fire, wind, and weather. Cleaning, painting, and replacing worn parts are all a part of homeownership, but there is one sneaky destroyer that sometimes homeowners miss. That destructive force is moisture. Moisture can cause serious damage to your home. A leaky roof, drippy faucets, corroded plumbing lines, and water seeping through the foundation can harm your home’s infrastructure as well as walls, floors, and ceilings. Because of this, homeowners should try to waterproof important areas of their homes as much as possible. To reduce or eliminate the potential causes of water damage, here are five waterproofing tips to keep in mind.

1. Roof Inspection

One of the most important and overlooked aspects of moisture prevention is the roof. We tend to take the roof for granted until a problem becomes evident. Usually, this occurs after a major windstorm or following years of heavy snow or ice accumulation during the winter. Have a professional roofer take a look at your roof for evidence of broken or missing shingles, rusty downspouts or gutters, or a crumbling chimney. Addressing problems before water damage can occur could save you money on repairs.

2. Plumbing Checkup

Make sure that someone checks your plumbing regularly. Your home’s plumbing should last for years. But sometimes a water pipe will freeze or a joint that connects two pipes can rust or break. Leaks and drips may develop, which will not only raise your water bill but also result in serious water accumulation over time, damaging the water system. Water pooling or spotting can become moldy, which creates a health hazard for people residing in the home. Has the entire system checked every couple of years rather than waiting for a problem to develop?

3. Foundation Support

The next thing to check is your foundation, which can gradually erode and crumble due to water pooling and moisture. A home’s foundation should remain secure and firm at all times. Evidence of chipping or crumbling could signal not only a need for new masonry but also a potential moisture problem. Rainwater and melting snow or ice can seep into the foundation and find its way into your home’s structure. Over time, water can build up in the walls or other areas and cause structural problems. Keep your foundation in good shape to prevent water-related issues.

4. Drain Cleaning

Make sure to clean your drains regularly. Drains located in the basement or garage as well as the shower drains should be kept free of debris buildup. If you wash the dog in the garage, shed fur may slide into the drain and eventually stop it up. You should not mix cleaning products in the basement or pour the residue into the drain, as it could corrode the drain pipe or leave a chemical residue that could cause a backup. Clean your drains every few months to avoid this issue.

5. Bathroom Updates

Showers, toilets, and sinks in the bathroom become depositories for human hair, cosmetics, shaving cream, and other substances that can clog these fixtures and lead to water backup. Clean these areas regularly and keep problematic substances away so they don’t plug them up.

Routine checkups and prevention can help to waterproof your home. Take a few minutes periodically to keep your water system working efficiently.

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