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  • Discover Some Basic Ways to Cook Eggs

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When the facts join the reality, it can be said that almost 90% of the population throughout the world add eggs in their daily food. It can be justified by its low price and its healthy components. It is just the amount and the ways that differ from one country to another. If you want to know how to cook differently your eggs, here are some tips that can help you.

Soft boiled egg: the simplest way to cook eggs

Easier than cooking egg white powder, soft boiled egg can be achieved by any amateur. Besides, it needs any sophisticated ingredients and the only cookware it requires is a pot. Almost 60% of the world’spopulation consumes daily soft boiled eggs. If some take it on breakfast, others prefer it during the lunch or add it for the dinner’s soup.

To prepare soft boiled egg, you just have to cover the clean eggs with cold water until it boils. Then, cover it and let it in the pot during 2 or 8 minutes. Before serving it, you just have to crack off the end for you to eat its inside with the spoon.

According to your preferences, you can add some salt to your egg just after cracking it. But it is generally served with no seasoning when it is taken with bread, coffee and fresh fruits in the morning.

If you are on a specific diet, notice that you can include soft boiled egg to your meals. As they are a high source of proteins, you can make sure that they will keep you full for up to 8 hours.

Poached egg

It is also a quick and simple way to prepare egg. A poached egg can generally be served with sandwiches, soups, and salads or just added to pasta. If you want to prepare à poached egg, you need a sauté pan.

The process is easy. Exactly like for the soft boiled egg,you have to boil enough water to cover an egg in your cookware. Then, you should add a tablespoon of vinegar to the simmering water. Add gently the egg in the water until the whites set up.

To get it out, you can use a spoon or a slotted spoon before draining it with a paper towel. According to the time you let it on the simmering water; you can have liquid or firm yolk.

Otherwise, as this way of cooking gathers any fat, it is very appreciated by the keto diet lovers. It can in fact help you to lose weight and hold a normal weight.

Sunny side up: a classical way of cooking egg

The sunny set up egg is also a universal way to cook egg. Apart from the fact that it is easy, this way of cooking is also fast and the result is delicious. In order to prepare a sunny side up egg, you only have to use a skillet.

Put on a teaspoon of virgin oil or a nut of butter in you skillet. Crack the egg in it and let it cook for 3 to 4 minutes covered. Once the whites turn opaque, it is ready. You can add some salt or pepper according to your preferences while you are serving it.

Generally, sunny side up egg can be eaten in every meal of the day. It is especially served with bacon or with waffles and sausages. Sunny side up egg is also delicious in the croque Madame snack. But you can serve it with your daily preparation, for example with your stuffed potatoes, your pasta, your soup or even your salad and your rice.

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