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  • 15 Best Workplace Wellness Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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  • Published Date: March 25, 2022
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Are you looking forward to inventing health and wellness for your employees? Well, you have taken the right decision as employee wellbeing is important and should be adopted by every organization. But, wondering if employee wellness will cost too much? Don’t worry; you have landed on the right page. In this blog, I have enlisted the 15 best workplace wellness ideas that won’t break the bank. While investing for your employees, there are so many ideas that are strong in maintaining the wellness of your employees, and additionally, they also attract other great employees.

Quick Fact-Check: According to a study, employees who are offered workplace wellness programs produce a 150% return on investment.

Therefore, if you’re still about the expenses and finances, just keep that away for a while, read about the ideas, give them a try, and see how positively your organization will grow. So, let’s get started with the 15 best workplace wellness ideas that won’t break the bank.

15 Best Workplace Wellness Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Conduct walking meetings

Walking meetings should be conducted weekly and this policy should be implemented in an interesting way. It should not look like a boring office meeting, but it should talk about fun, interests, and activities. It will help employees in feeling less stressed and unwind. Not only this, but it will also enhance creative thinking in employees. Additionally, this idea is free of cost.

Work on reducing excessive noise

Employees work better when there is no excessive noise, pollution, and crowd. Overall, a peaceful environment with light music helps in better productivity. Additionally, it also helps in thinking better and doing better in the office. If your office is located in a traffic area, try to reduce noise by building a noise-free zone. Moreover, you can also put boards that help in maintaining silent decorum in the workplace.

Maintain a dog-friendly environment

You might be thinking that what is this idea? Well, think about it practically, dogs are cheery and they help in boosting happy hormones. According to research, it has been proved that pets improve mental health. Therefore, build your workplace as a dog-friendly zone. It will not only boost hormones but also help in increasing collaboration and productivity.

Encourage employees to focus on their health

Build a system that reminds or notifies employees to focus on their health regularly. In this way, employees will be able to focus on their health and they will be able to perform better in the office. You can send drink water reminders, take a 60-sec break reminder, or go for a 1-minute break reminder. You can also implement policies that talk about the health of employees.

Give coupons for forest bathing

Heads down, this is the best idea! Forest bathing is trending because it is soothing, stress-relieving, and whatnot. Also, it helps people to connect with nature as well. Let your employees enjoy the sight, sound, and feel, provide them coupons for forest bathing. It will also help in reducing high blood pressure. If your employees are not interested in this, you can look for other stress-relieving activities as well.

Set plants on the workstation

Setting plants on the workstation not only helps in proper breathing, providing fresh air, and eating up all the negativities, but plants are calming in nature. They help to calm, de-stress, unwind in tight schedules. Additionally, they are best friends to take care of. If possible, you can also build a garden area or room by setting up various varieties of plants.

Work on improving relationships with your employees

Employees stay happy when they are heard, listened to, and provided an opportunity to talk their hearts out. Therefore, you can conduct weekly or bi-monthly meeting wherein you can ask your employees to talk about their problems. In order to maintain relationships with your employees, you can also arrange a pot-luck for them. Additionally, you can also ask your employees to submit feedback of their managers or leaders directly to the board.

Provide discounts on Gym Memberships

The best way to stay healthy is to stay active physically. Therefore, you can provide discounts on gym membership plans so that employees can actually look after their health. If possible, you can also open a game zone or mini-gym for employees to stay active and healthy. It will encourage employees to come to the office and work with productivity, enthusiasm, and interest.

Host a counselor or therapist

By hosting a counselor or therapist, you will also be able to look after your employees’ mental health. As mental health should also be a priority like physical health, you can also ask employees to fill out a survey to check if they are happy with the office environment or not. Additionally, with the help of a counselor, you can also provide sessions to the employees to stay mentally healthy, active, and stress-free.

Provide healthy snacks

If your workplace provides food coupons to the employees, you can ask for healthy snack options or food options so that employees can consume food that is good for their health. Additionally, you can also provide them healthy snacks once a month so that they can be encouraged to eat better, live better, and feel better mentally and physically.

Provide smart water bottles

In order to promote health, you can provide smart water bottles to your employees. You can also send hourly notifications or reminders to them for drinking water. Drinking water will help them in better concentration, unwinding, and de-stressing. Also, you can stick “Health improvement” boards in the workplace area for employees’ wellness.

Encourage employees to wind out by meditating

Meditation is the best way to unwind and de-stress quickly. Additionally, it can be performed anywhere and anytime. Therefore, ask your employees to meditate by listening to music, watching their plants, and enjoying the serenity in the office. Moreover, you can also conduct weekly meditation learning sessions so that employees can stay active mentally and physically.

Offer routine checkups to the employees

The other best way to retain employees, gain more employees, maintain the number of employees is to offer them routine checkups so that they can also focus on physical health and mental health. it will not only help in retaining or gaining, but will also help in increasing satisfactory reviews with the organization.

Maintain a pollution-free environment

A Pollution-free environment should be a priority. It will help in maintaining the health of employees. Not only this, but it will also promote a healthy environment in the workplace. By placing plants, building a noise-free environment, proper windows, and ventilation, you will be able to maintain a pollution-free environment.

Offer Yoga classes to the employees

To stay mentally and physically active, you can also conduct yoga classes for the employees weekly or bi-monthly. The best part about such classes is that they can be conducted virtually as well at home. Therefore, you can ask employees to join the session on weekends as well. It will help them in enhancing their overall wellness.

I hope this blog helps you with the 15 best workplace wellness ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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