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  • Re-Imagining Future Workforce and Employee Benefits with AI

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The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are opening up new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and change in the workplace. The AI revolution in the workplace is not just about automating tasks; it’s about redefining what work means in the first place.

Humans and Machines – A Foundation for Collaborative Success?

Increased implementation of AI in business brings in a new kind of workforce that is educated, agile, and ready for change. The disruption and evolution of the way we work has happened many times in the past. The industrial revolution, the advent of computers, the internet, cloud computing, smartphones usage, automation, and now, the rise of artificial intelligence is set to change the way people work on a whole new level.

The interaction between humans and machines is the key factor here. AI has the ability to change how humans interact with computers. Due to technologies such as NLP and voice recognition, more natural ways of interacting with machines is now possible. It will make the human-machine interaction more conversational than one-sided or command-based follow-ups.

Starting from simpler tasks such as data entry and other admin jobs, AI is moving towards complex functions such as data crunching and decision-making needed to lead and succeed. AI solutions can streamline and speed up things at work, but they will still need human employees to perform intricate tasks. Gradually, AI will infuse more and more with our daily work and will begin to feel invisible and accessible simultaneously.

Thus, AI is set to change the status quo for the workforce, the question is how?

Impact on Workforce – A Skill Shift

The current workforce is all about fluidity as many employees work remotely or on the move. Most employees use computers majority of the time and appreciate the power of automation. Regardless of the industry, there tends to be some form of technology that is being used and thus, there’s an IT department too.

As AI grows and evolves, human workforce of the future will need to be able to lead with human-unique skills such as empathy, flexibility, creativity, and strategy formation. As enterprise AI solutions perform increasingly advanced data analytics, it gives us more data to work with. To use this data, workforce of the future will need to be able to apply the insights generated by AI solutions to yield productive results.

This will shift the type of work humans currently do. As artificial intelligence solutions take up more ‘grunt work’, human workforce will need to take charge of the direction and outcomes of a project. Not only will this give people more time to converse with customers, but also allow free time to invest in exploring unchartered avenues for business.

Furthermore, the ‘digital nomad’ movement is also an example of how AI is shifting the notion of a ‘physical location’ of a workplace to a digital workplace. This is because AI assistants and bots make it possible to collaborate with human workers across various time zones regardless of their location.

AI will also continue to impact the quality of work by helping employees be more productive at their jobs through chatbots, alerts, and intelligent software. Enterprise artificial intelligence has the ability to streamline business processes and create a more efficient office environment without requiring an enormous time commitment.

For instance, enterprise AI can be used to help improve communication between internal teams, provide more efficient processes (i.e., automatically catch spelling errors before sending an email), and help a new hire get up to speed on a new topic. Such softwares can speed up processes and provide real-time feedback, allowing both employees and managers to increase their productivity levels while remaining cost-efficient on a daily basis.

Current and Future Trends in Employee Benefits

There’s a need to reimagine employee benefits due to a lack of communication between the employer and employees about the exact benefits being offered. Many employees tend to lose out on actually using the benefits provided by the employer because of a lack of understanding of the benefit choices available. Employers need to create an ideal experience for their employees by communicating the relevance of benefits packages to boost appreciation and employee engagement.

Traditional employee benefits packages offered by most employers include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement, disability, absence, and other tax-saving benefits, such as HSA, FSA, and others. But recently, there has been a trend of adding emerging benefits like unlimited PTO, legal plans, wellness programs, and paid sabbaticals among others. These benefits have been shown to increase employee loyalty and commitment towards employers.


The times are changing quickly in the workforce, but that gives companies a chance to be creative when it comes to their employees’ benefits packages. While thriving off of creativity and innovation may seem difficult at first, AI is a viable option that doesn’t require an entire overhaul of the company. The future workforce will be heavily influenced by artificial intelligence for sure. But this doesn’t mean that humans will be completely removed from the work scene. Instead, more human-machine cooperation and a skill shift will be more likely to take place.

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