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  • 4 Major Pieces of Equipment Every Production Facility Needs

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The production industry is complicated, with lots of moving parts that need to be kept in place before, during, and after quality work has been done. A significant part of making it all work smoothly is ensuring that the right equipment is in the right spot at the right time. Every production facility needs several major pieces of equipment.

A Laser Cutter

A laser cutter is not just for cutting materials. Every production facility should have a laser cutter to produce parts, prototypes, or safe working glass. It is a fantastic tool for double-sided cutting. A laser cutter can cut material with a strength of up to 1,000 pounds, and it can even be used on projects with materials as thick as 2 inches. It is affordable and can be used either in your production facility or in a building that you lease from a building owner. There are many different ways a laser cutter comes in handy in a production facility. The possibilities are literally endless.

A CNC Router

A CNC router will take your projects to an entirely new level. With this tool, you can create many different kinds of projects. While it can cut through the same materials that a laser cutter can, it effectively cuts furniture-grade plywood or MDF board. If you are working on other types of wood, you will still get some great results. It is also perfect for rounding edges, milling precision holes, and constructing complex three-dimensional shapes. With a CNC router, you can use it for many various applications.

A Generator

A generator is a large bank of batteries that you can use to supply power to your facility. It is often used by sign makers, printmakers, model makers, and woodworkers of all sorts. While you can buy one with the necessary plugs and cords to start it up, it is often best to go with a converter that has everything you need in one box. There are different types of generators like a diesel generator, hydrogen generator, and steam generator. Steam generators are great because they rely on just steam to create electricity. This means that they do not use any toxic or harmful material or combustion method while running. This is highly advantageous for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

A Shopbot

A Shopbot is not just used for woodworking. Every production facility should have a Shopbot to help produce high-quality work. With a range of different applications, each with a handful of additional accessories, a Shopbot can be used for sanding, drilling, grinding, and more. It has an impressive 13-amp motor that will effectively develop great projects. Shopbots are super helpful to have around a production facility. Be sure to look into getting one of your own, should you need it.

There is plenty to think about when you are building your production facility, and making sure that you have the right equipment is a great place to start. Keep these four major pieces of equipment in mind and start planning today.

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